The Ambiguity Doctrines And Its Fateful Pilgrims

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Throughout time we have developed a moral conscience refining ourselves in history through this old book called the Bible that records the beginning of our history. For generations scholars have interpreted in one spectrum or another by making the doctrine of the church. The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages was beginning to receive an uncertainty like Chaucer in the “PROLOGUE TO THE WIFE OF BATH’S TALE” in contrast to Anonymous in the story of “Everyman”. In the tale of “Everyman”, there is understanding of the church’s teachings assimilating the doctrine of the day that humans are revels that mellow with age. Similar to “Everyman” the “PROLOGUE TO THE WIFE OF BATH’S TALE” tells of these women that is young and she is a rebel and distorting the church’s teachings the difference is that as she ages this character wants to maintain her earthly riches and not the ...view middle of the document...

Generally, to achieve excellence in the church is to repent from the human sins and renew the bond with God through the seeking of true knowledge. For instance, Anonymous catches the audience’s attention in a journey to find forgiveness the character must find someone to accompany him to the last judgment, he goes to the goods and the goods say to him “That is to thy damnation, without lesing! For my love is contrary to the love everlasting. But if thou had me loved moderately … then shouldst thou not in this dolor be” (1796). To put it Anonymous assessment to achieve excellence is to deny the earthly goods because goods kill the soul, making the relation of the earth antagonistic to heaven. Explaining that goods are human’s downfall if society values that more than good deeds, then everyman will be in hell. The next step to achieving excellence is to receive confession.
Indeed confession is the next step for excellence that is to say the redemption of the sins committed on earth. This is a critical step in Anonymous work the passage from confession to penance to arrive to heaven. As an example from the text of “Everyman” it states that, “And a precious jewel I will give thee, Called penance, voider of adversity; Therewith shall your body chastised be, with abstinence, and perseverance in god’s service” (1798, 1799). Anonymous is markedly displaying the road of excellence by showing the paces to becoming a faithful Catholic in God’s examination of everyman’s spirit. After all this work is in favor of the Catholic doctrine compared to the tale of Chaucer that challenges the Church.
Chaucer tests the Churches doctrine by putting luxuries in the foreground enjoying one's earthly self-indulgent with this Bath character that demands that women have the control over man. This character challenges the view of the middle ages a woman that miraculously can read the works of the Bible and can interstate what she wants to understand. Whit that knowledge she uses it to achieve her excellence and that excellence is her enjoyment in the earthy treasures contradicting the culture general understanding of excellence in the Roman Catholic Church.

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