"The American Alligator" Its Diet, Mating Habits, Predators, And Daily Rituals.

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The American AlligatorThe American Alligator is still living since the prehistoric time of the dinosaurs. Living in the wild this alligator is an endangered species. It has a wide range of food that it likes to eat. In addition has a unique way of controlling its blood temperature. The American Alligator mates when it comes out of hibernation and lays its eggs soon there after. It is an endangered species because of the human being.The American Alligator lives off eating fish and stingrays. It also eats snakes and turtles. Birds that wade in the shallows of the gator hole such as heron often provide food for the hungry alligators. Any animals that use the gator hole to drink from such as deer and raccoons risk being snack for the alligators. Most people think the alligator is a man-eater. However, the American alligator doesn't attack people unless it is teased or feels threatened.The American Alligator basks in the sun to raise body temperature and uses the water to lower it. In order for the digestive enzymes to work their best, the alligator's body temperature needs to be above 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It digs out a burrow to hibernate in for winter. The burrow connects with longer passageways that can be dug out over several years.Sexual maturity for alligators depends on size and age. Female alligators reach sexual maturity at about 6.5 feet and between the ages of 6 and 10. Males are sexually mature at about 8 or 9 feet. Mating happens as soon as hibernation is over. So it normally happens during April and May. Mating lasts for 2 or 3 hours. After that one partner breaks away and leaves the other one to find a new partner. The more mature the alligator is the more it mates. Each female only lays eggs once. To prepare for laying the eggs, the female prepares a route by biting and scrabbling. After...

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