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The American And European Television News Media

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Looking at a news report on the TV today is very different from a news report in Europe.The news on your local channel is much less serious and is made to be entertaining like just aregular TV show. A European news broadcast still shows the cold hard facts. The differences canbe traced to culture differences between the two continents. Americans wonder why the majorityof the world population was so against the war on Iraq, yet just watching the European news youcan find out. The history of Europe is also much different than the American one, it is a mucholder country also.Just looking at the surface of news broadcasts in Europe there's already one bigdifference: there's only one person reporting the news. The U.S. always has at least two peoplereporting the main news. To an American this is normal, they like the jokes that are being toldbetween the reporters. To a European the news broadcast would be a joke to them, because newsshould remain news. Not to say that European news has just serious negative news, there ispositive news. However if you saw a report on infidelity on the news, Europeans would find thewhole news a joke. Another difference is the international news is first on European newsbroadcasts, while local news is first in the states. Only a small part on the news here that youcatch on the local channels is international, if any. Why has the American news become likeanother show one watches? "Perhaps the major difference between Europe and the U.S. is therole of public broadcasting. In Europe, most public broadcasters still capture significantaudiences." (Johan de Koster, 31 may 2002, American audiences don't want boringnews, they want to be entertained but the consequence is a lot of people don't know what's goingon outside their state. Europeans on the other hand, don't want to be entertained by the news theywant the hard facts and a reporter that reports clear about what's going on.If you look deeper, there's also a big difference in just content between the two countries.Afghanistan still makes major headlines in Europe, though in the U.S. you rarely hear anythingabout that war anymore. Europe first has news about other European countries, then internationalnews. Though in these war times, the top headlines are of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.Europeans seem to know more about the U.S. - led wars than an average American does justbecause of the media content. The way it is shot is also immensely different. European journalistscapture footage of the civilians and the damage done to them. During the wars here everythingwas filmed from afar and no civilian footage. The number of Iraqi civilians killed was notallowed to be released here. Major U.S. media such as Fox was very biased and toldmisconceptions during the war. 80% of fox viewers had at least 1 of 3 misconceptions. The 3misconceptions were...

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