The American Association Of The Red Cross

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Human Services Organizations are agencies composed of professional workers who assess and deliver services to people in need. Human Services Organizations at large are firm believers that in order for people to be productive and fulfill their niche in society, they need the adequate resources, technology, and knowledge. Human Service Organizations also assist people through many hardships relating to social problems and societal condition. They aim to help not only the individual and family, but also the community as a whole. There are many Human Service Organizations within the United States, non-profit and profitable. Oftentimes, Human Service Organizations emphasis on one particular area of interest, such as the following, agriculture, nutrition, health promotion, safety and wellbeing, employment, and youth development. Among the many Human Services Organizations that exist, there are blood banks whose workers believe in giving every human being the chance at life and a healthy state of being that they deserve.
Blood banks are human service organizations that collect, separate, and store blood. Blood banks play a vital role in society as they ensure that each patient in hospitals and blood transfusion centers have blood and/or blood components when needed. Without blood banks, many patients would not have another chance at life. The first blood bank was established in Chicago, Illinois, in 1936 at the Chicago Cook County Hospitals. As time progressed, many other blood banks emerged as doctors and health-care professionals became more educated on blood and blood components, and saw the miraculous effects of blood transfusions. In addition, in 1947 the American Association of Blood Banks was founded, it is now commonly referred to as AABB. Moreover, in today’s times, the American Red Cross is the United States’ largest single supplier of blood and blood components. It collects and processes 40 percent of the blood supply in the nation and donate the blood to over 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers.
The American Red Cross was founded by a woman name Clara Harlowe Barton. Barton was born in December of 1921 in Oxford, Massachusetts. As a young teenage girl she learned her calling was in helping those in teen. As a teenager she helped care for her two younger brothers whom were severely ill. At the young age of 18, Barton became a teacher. Later in 1854, she moved to Washington, DC, where she worked as a recording clerk in the United States Patent Office. Barton’s position in the workforce was a major milestone for the history of women in the United States as she was among the first women to work for the nation’s federal government. Unfortunately, a cabinet member was against women working for the same salary as men and had her demoted to a copyist. In 1857, she completely lost her job due to being a woman under the administration of President James Buchannan. In 1960, she regained her job as a copyist under the administration of President...

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