The American Brand Abercrombie And Fitch Swot Analysis

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Company’s Overview 2
The Brands: 3
Abercrombie kids 3
Hollister 3
Gilly Hicks 3
The Product 4
Pricing Position 4
Competition 4
Porters Analysis of the competition: 6
Advertising Policy (Promotion) 7
The in store experience (Place): 7
Weakness 8
Strengths: 9
Opportunity 10
Threads 10
The conditions for the Company’s exportations: 11
PEST: 12
Economy of Brazil 13
Introduction to Brazil and it’s market 14
Appendix: 15

Company’s Overview

The American brand Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) is a retailer selling fashionable and luxurious sportswear clothing, and accessories.
Headquartered in New Albania, Ohio; as to ...view middle of the document...

This image is what makes the brand so successful
The company recorded revenues of $2,928.6 million during the financial year ended January 2010 a decrease of 15.9% compared with 2009 results. The operating profit of the company was $117.9 million in 2010 with an observed decrease of 76.3% compared to the previous year.

The Brands:
Abercrombie and Fitch
Abercrombie & Fitch is the essence of privilege and casual luxury. The Adirondacks Mountains supply a clean and rugged inspiration to this youthful All-American lifestyle. A combination of classic and sexy creates a charged atmosphere that is confident and just a bit provocative. Idolized and respected, Abercrombie &Fitch is timeless and always cool.
Abercrombie kids

The essence of privilege and prestigious East Coast prep schools, Abercrombie kids directly follows in the footsteps of Abercrombie & Fitch. With a flirtatious and energetic attitude, abercrombie kids is popular, wholesome and athletic. Rugged and casual with a vintage-inspired style, Abercrombie kids aspires to be like its older sibling, Abercrombie & Fitch. The perfect combination of maturity and mischief, Abercrombie kids is the signature of All-American cool kids.

Hollister is the Southern California Abercrombie and Fitch. It portrays a sense of ease and “summer on, the beach” feeling.
Gilly Hicks

Gilly Hicks is the Australian version of Abercrombie & Fitch, inspired by the Sydney free spirit. Gilly Hicks is the newest of the company’s extension and presently the least prosperous revenue sources with 1% of the total income, with only 19 stores operating in Australia.

The Product

The American brand Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) is a retailer selling fashionable and luxurious sportswear clothing, and accessories. They include outwear ( pants, sweaters, shorts, etc…), it also sells underwear and sleepwear, in addition to all sorts of fashion accessories.
Pricing Position

The company chose a premium pricing strategy, its prises are among the highest in the international youth clothing industry with almost the double in American land. (Going for an average of $60 for a males plaid shirt.)
Advertising Policy (Promotion)

Through the different types of Medias (billboards, radio, magazines etc...) Very little advertising is done on the product itself, the advertisement is essentially made on the brand name and image. They build their image with consumers through catalogue, gifts cards, model posters, and shopping bag. The Company is not primarily known for they products but the image they have and the image it will bring the customers while wearing it in society, a trendy, young look.
The firm operates four websites in total one for each brand from which you can purchase its respective product:;;; and Each of these websites is design to accompany the physical store. The gross net sales of the e-commerce is evaluated to $290.1...

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