The American Civil War Was Inevitable

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The Civil War was inevitable in many reasons. The economic and industrial evolution was mainly in the North side of the United States while the South was just a cotton kingdom, Slave Empire. Also both were completely opposites of one another when it was about freeing the slaves or hiring more. With many debates there has to be sides that would be separated especially if the president has so much hate from the people. With that being said, since many want opposing ideas, the Civil War becomes much evitable.
With the economic system, the south had a very hard time producing their main source “cotton and tobacco”. “Cotton became commercially significant in the 1790’s after the invention of a new cotton gin by Eli Whitney. (PG 314)” Let alone, if they had a hard time producing goods, the gains would be extremely unprofitable. While in the North, “In 1837, John Deere patented a strong, smooth steel plow that sliced through prairie soil so cleanly that farmers called it the “singing plow.” (PG 281).” Deere’s company became the leading source to saving time and energy for farming as it breaks much more ground to plant more crops. As well as mechanical reapers, which then could harvest twelve acres a day can double the corn and wheat. The North was becoming more advanced by the second. Many moved in the cities where they would work in factories, which contributed to the nation’s economic growth because factory workers actually produced twice as much of labor as agricultural workers. Steam engines would be a source of energy and while coal was cutting prices in half actually created more factories, railroads for transportation, and ships which also gave a rise in agricultural productivity.
As for the South, they were a one-crop economy, which then depended on slavery in order to have a considerable amount of profit. The cheap labor will highly benefit the south since they were based on a plantation system. If one had just one slave, the cheap labor would benefit for only one times the amount, but if you were to have 15 slaves working for the same land then you will profit fifteen times the amount. “Plantation slaves produced more than 75 perfect of the South’s export crops, the backbone of the region’s economy. (PG 311)”, this gives us a reason why the South needs these slaves in order to actually have some type of economical profit. Also time would be more consuming and therefore, money would be produced much more quickly with these slaves.
The North however was focused more on the city life. The northern industries were purchasing raw cotton and turning them into in actual goods. The north had modern technologies, which concludes that their economy was based more on having industries than agriculture. “To Northerners, industrial evolution confirmed the choice they had made to eliminate slaver and promote free labor as the key to independence, equality, and prosperity. (PG 303)” The North had a culture in which they wanted society to...

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