The American Society Of Criminology Essay

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The American Society Of Criminology

“AHHHHhhhhh!” I let out a girlish scream and squirmed as shivers went strait up my spine. I was glued to the latest episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a show that I have watched religiously since its debut. Criminology is something that has always fascinated me, and is a career that I hope to pursue in the future as an FBI agent. I frequently surf the web looking for short stories to read about different criminal cases and to find information about job opportunities and internships. One day I found a website of an organization that studied crime independently of the government. I was immediately intrigued by the organization, and began reading about the American Society of Criminology.

“The American Society of Criminology is an international organization dedicated to the study of criminology” (ASC homepage). The societies purpose is to educate, research, and study the various aspects of the science, and to transmit ideas and information of criminological development and theories into governmental practices. There are five divisions of the organization, the Division on Corrections and Sentencing, the Division of Critical Criminology, the Division of International Criminology, the Division of People of Color and Crime, and the Division of Women and Crime. Each division has its own individual focus and purpose, as well as an independent website. The Organization as a whole, the American Society of Criminology or ASC, was founded on December 30, 1941, when seven College professors of Political Science and Public Administration joined together “for the purpose of furthering college police training and standardizing police training curricula.” (American Society of Criminology homepage).

Since its founding, the society has grown in terms of membership, range of professional competency, as well as the nature of the society’s concerns and activities. Today, membership includes “anyone interested in enhancing the professional interests of the study of criminology from students, to practitioners, to scholars of various professional criminological specialties” (American Society of Criminology homepage). Membership of ASC is no longer limited to a geographic area. ASC has grown into an international organization involved with other professional societies of criminology around the world. ASC sponsors an employment exchange between its members to facilitate the various job openings in the criminological field over seas. Today, nearly 1,000 people are attending annual meetings and “every major criminologist in the United States is a member and active participant of ASC” (American Society of Criminology homepage). Also, there are currently 121 (15.2%) female members of what was originally a completely male organization. ASC’s large numbers in membership and diversity makes the organization a unique professional association of some of the world’s best and brightest thinkers (American...

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