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The American Currency King: Alan Greenspan.

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The American economy falls on one mans shoulders and each morning his shoulders rest in a hot bath tub, deliberating for two hours in bubbles, on how to strengthen the US economy. Alan Greenspan is a dominant man in the United States economy, his authority ranks just under the president. Although the Presidency only lasts four years, or eight in the case of two terms; Alan has mothered his fair share of Presidents. For 18 years Greenspan has continued to command the Federal Trade Commission. Ironically economics is not a first love, although he cherishes, nurtures, and loves interest rates like his own children, Jazz is figuratively Greenspan's child and love. The empire Greenspan built was not based on luck and charm. He is gifted with intelligence from birth; an ambition to conquer any goal in his future. This human is what we commonly know as Alan Greenspan.Alan descended from a very humble heritage. Alan was born and raised in Washington Heights, in northern Manhattan. He was born on March, 6 1926. His father, Herbert, was a businessman who became a stock broker and economic consultant. Rose, Alan's mother was a homemaker. During the depression their already weak marriage fell apart. The 1929 stock market crash sealed the doom of his parents; Alan was five when his parents divorced. Herbert visited periodically; Alan loved his father and felt torn at his father's departure from the family. Alan had two siblings, Wesley and Marianne. At five Alan began adding any three digit numbers in his head. In grammar school, Alan grew another mathematical talent, multiplication. As a child Greenspan played baseball, towering over first base like he lived in his baseball idol's body, Dolph Camilli.Music played a prominent part in Alan's life, and had deep roots in his family. His mother would belt out tunes, while her hands moved like lighting over the piano keys. Greenspan started to play clarinet in his high school band. Outside of school he seriously considered music as a career path. Bill Sheiner became Alan's instructor in the New York music scene. Stan Getz was a new friend of Alan's, because of their craving for music. Getz had a passion and raw talent that could never be surpassed by Alan. Stan became one of the most influential saxophone payers in jazz history. Radios flooded with his 1963 single "Furl from Ipanera." Greenspan's life became devoted to musical studies. Finally his talent and drive drove him to audition at Julliard School of Music. Alan impressed the judges and they accepted him as a clarinet major. In less than a year of studying at Julliard, Alan dropped out and started touring with a swing band. His band-mates walked on the wild-side; parties, alcohol, and girls were always readily available. Nonetheless, Alan pursued his academia. By the end of the swing era Alan felt burnt out and broke he eventually dropped out and vowed never to play professionally again.Greenspan turned a page in his life and followed his new dreams of...

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