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The American Dream: A Never Ending Cycle Of Failure

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In Bernard Malamud’s, The Natural, the American Dream traps many people in a never ending cycle of failure. This is seen when Roy is shot by Harriet in a hotel room after he tells her he will be the best in the game despite that she points a gun at his head. Secondly, when Roy and Gus are making bets, Roy keeps betting despite losing every time, showing his false sense of hope that traps in a cycle of failure. Finally, Roy’s desire to be with Memo finally corrupts him thus causing him to ruin his dreams to be the best in baseball and when he regains hope that he can win the game, it does not happen. The American Dream causes insatiable hunger and results in a never ending cycle of failure because Roy has a false sense of hope causing him to make the same mistakes multiple times.
Despite Roy’s success in pitching against the highly respected Whammer, his dream to be the best in baseball causes him to get shot. The Whammer is one of the best players in baseball, therefore, young Roy Hobbs looks up to him. The Whammer represents Roy's aspirations to be the best, so when Roy strikes him out, he becomes concieded. After Roy and Harriet get off the train they go up to a hotel room together where she points a pistol at him and says, “‘Roy, will you be the best there ever was in the game?’ ‘That’s right’. She pulled the trigger ( thrum of bull fiddle)” (Malamud, 33-34). Roy’s confidence in his future as a baseball player was partly fueled by his success against Whammer. This success misleads him, causing him to believe that he can complete the American Dream. He may believe this but the dream will never come true because the American Dream is unattainable and this causes him to have a false sense of hope. The false sense of hope makes Roy ignorant to signs that his dream will not come true and hope traps him in a never ending cycle of failure. Roy’s confidence and false sense of hope ultimately leads to him getting shot because despite the fact that Harriet pointed a gun at him he still had the courage to say that he would be the best.
Betting is an example of Roy’s false sense of hope and this causes him to bet with Gus over and over again despite losing. Gus is a professional better And Roy naïvely challenges to multiple bets. Unknown to Roy he has no chance to win because Gus is fated to win every time. Roy will lose every time because there is a magical component to his betting skills After Roy has lost multiple times to Gus in various different bets he says, “‘Six Hundred I owe to you,’ [This caused Max...

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