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The American Dream And Immigration Essay

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The American Dream
Does the migration of immigrants really have a negative effect on the U.S? Due to the recent economic problems our country has been suffering from, immigrants are usually the ones blamed for because they are said to be taking away jobs and opportunities in this country. The way migrants are treated and taken advantage of because there desire to work and reach closer towards the “American Dream” is said to be getting in the way of citizen jobs. What many people fail to see is that immigration brought more opportunities into America than people think. They create new jobs by creating new businesses and paying taxes. They also provide cheap labor for many industries which ...view middle of the document...

S. because they think their skills can be put to good use in America. Immigrants can bring new skills that can complement American-born workers, allowing each of them to specialize in various areas where they hold what people refer to as an “Advantage”. Specialization makes economies work in a well-organized and competent way , and that creates economic growth. When immigrant's put their talents to use, the economy grows tremendously . Strong economic growth is the only way to maintain the American economy and solve the job problems that are going on today.
Immigrant's benefits by coming to work and trying to have a better lifestyle because at the same time they are not just improving themselves but are also improving the united states. It is stated that “This benefit is usually not experienced by the country, yet it is one of the most important benefits immigration provides”(Bombei). Migration to this country helps by the purchases they make, it increases the demand for labor and leads to new hires that are equal to the immigrant workers. Not just cars or houses but the groceries and clothes they buy make a huge difference in businesses. They also help balance the economy. Not just that but also the tax system benefits because the immigrants pay sales taxes. It makes the economy grow and eventually...

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