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The American Dream And The First Settlement In America

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Plymouth was one of the first settlement in America. The pilgrims they came England dreaming to make a better life for themselves, one where they could be free and do what they wanted. They were free and things would be OK until about 100 and so years later when England decided to crack down on the colonies and inforce thing that would be unconstitutional by todays standards. The only problem was that the constitution wasn’t created yet and before it was much blood was shed by men hoping to created a new country. That country would soon be free and that give freedoms to anyone coming to it or born in it.anyone who wanted it bad enough could have it. Not all of this was set in stone after ...view middle of the document...

There is another group that are treated poorly throughout the world and that is women. women all over the world are abused every day, raped,beaten and sometimes killed. America is a place these people can come and not have to worry about bad thing and when you become a citizen after living in a world close to hell you feel like there is still hope for a better life. There are people here who come from bad places and want all this country can offer. To be an american means you have hope that every day you can start from nothing and at the end of the day and go home with more than you started out with, this is a lot of peoples American Dream but everyone who is an american is entitled to it but they can’t advantage of the fact that they are american and expect someone to give them something “ only 25 percent of the people in poverty areas leave the poverty areas”( ). That 25 percent worked to get out of where they were and the other 75 percent is still there cause they didn’t try hard enough or not at all. To be a true american you have to be willing to fight to get where you want to be and not expected and also you have to have hope and knew that you can make something of yourself.
America is said to be a melting pot and that means we are all different, there are many colors of skin and cultures that “define” people. That’s not what really defines people. It’s true that that america is integrated with many races, religions and cultures but thats not what defines them, they are defined by their goals and aspirations. There are many different types of americans, those who have it all figured out those who are willing to do what it takes to reach their goals , those who have some sort of clue and might get around to what they want to do, those who have no clue and will let life just slip by accomplishing nothing and taking advantage of . The Minorities during Segregation knew where the wanted to be and the had figured out plans to get there. A few of these people were writers and formed their words in a very positive way through writing. These didn’t always have positive things to say but they were willing to fight for what they wanted at all cost “If we must die--oh, let us nobly die” (McKay). In the poem “If We Must Die” its stated how they felt they were being treated which was similar to animals and that they were gonna fight and possibly die for equality.
If No two people are alike so why should there be one true American Dream? We are all different people with...

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