The American Dream Does It Really Exists? Research Paper

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Inequality Income in The American Dream
The contemporary American society applied a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people. The equal rights, equal respect, and justice for to all people, no matter his ethnic, gender and social status; are concepts of the egalitarianism. The American Dream is protected by the Declaration of Independence and was first publicly defined in 1930´s. (Krugman 62) The American Dream is protected by the Declaration of Independence. “The Land of Opportunity. Any in the world, those words bring to mind just one place: the United States” (Cox and Alm 64). By legitimately defending these values, the Founding Fathers established a society that was highly attractive for those seeking a better life. “Opportunities defines our heritage. The American saga entrails waves of immigrant farmers, shopkeepers, labors, and entrepreneurs, all coming to the United States for the promise of a better life” (Cox and Alm 65).

The American Dream is centered around the idea of working hard and earning enough funds to maintain a family, have a home, propel sons to college and n for retirement. Sadly, many people cannot achieve this dream due to low income. Income inequality refers to the uneven distribution of income and wealth between the social classes of American citizens “…the Great Compression: a drastic narrowing of income gaps, probably as a result of New Deal policies.” (Krugman 62) For many people the essence of The American Dream has changed, they still have the sense of opportunity, but is not the same as the conventional dream. “… America isn´t an egalitarian society. It wasn’t designed to be.” (Cox and Alm 65). Although income inequality has affected American citizens to achieve the American Dream, it is necessary for the economy of the United States.

Americans have usually struggled a rise in inequality as the rich grow richer and the poor convert poorer, developing the uncertain gap between the two classes. The income gap in America has been increasing firmly since the late 1970’s and has now reached memorable highs not seen since the 1920’s (Krugman 63) The American Dream legally defends every American's right to reach their potential regardless of their birth socio-economic status. For many people, the American Dream consists in living a peaceful and satisfying life, with a sense of fulfilled, that concept goes beyond materialism. Many people who came to the United States illegally look for jobs with a good salary but are unable because they do not have the right to work. Millions of Americans live in poverty. There are plenty of Americans do not have health insurance, while many others do not have enough insurance. Millions of people are struggling with infamous levels of student debt. Perhaps for the first time in modern history, our younger generation will probably have a lower standard of living than their parents.” …other studies [indicates] that rags-to-riches stories have become...

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