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The American Dream During The Time Period Of Expansion Ap Us History Essay

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Ashley I. Felix
Ms. Knight
Pre-AP English 1st
November 9, 2016
The American Dream
The American dream is what many people from other countries dream about till this day. Many people imagine what life is like here in America and for them everything is way better here compared to the way of life they had in their origin country that’s why it’s everything they have ever dreamed of. People would also want a better future for their kids, America is usually seen as a land full of opportunity.
The American dream is possible for any person out there that has good intentions for the U.S. This is a very big and common dream for many people and if you are dedicated to this dream, like others this is something that you will accomplish sooner or later. If you are not an American citizen you can become one very easily, trust me. The United Stated will be more than happy to have you if you are going to be a good contributor to the American society.
I have heard many stories of families that it was basically impossible for them to make that big transition from their origin country to the United States, but guess wht, they were able to, they made sure they did everything possible to make this possible, and move on to way better things in their lives here in the U.S. Many people complain about their job or where they live but they don’t do anything about it.
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