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The American Dream Has Always Been Based On Belief That

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The American dream has always been based on belief that everybody from anywhere can make it in society by working hard. This person will in turn become wealthy and rise in the hierarchy of the community to help create the American society, a classless society full of wealthy individuals. The American dream is also based on whether that person appears happy and is able to enjoy the newfound wealth. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald dispels the myth of an American classless society. This is shown with the differences of the three geographic regions and the people who reside in them seem segregated to their specific region depending on social status. West egg is symbolic of the new money or the money that is made by a person who does not descend from a family of wealth. The valley of ashes is the sullen, gray, and depressing region where the American dream of the classless society is completely non-existent. Finally, East Egg is symbolic of the old money and family name that has been passed down throughout the generations. In light of these examples of different social regions the American dream of a classless society is non-existent in The Great Gatsby.West Egg is one of the geographic regions where the classless society is dispelled. People who live in this region are wealthy from personal gains. These people who live in west egg are not seen as equals in comparison to the people living in east egg. The reason for this is that individuals who live in West Egg do not have the rich lineage. The main member of West Egg that represents this perfectly is Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was a poor working class individual who changed his name from James Gatz in pursuit of the American dream. His wealth was attained illegally through pharmacies that sold bootleg liquor. Therefore he did not rise out from the gutter with hard work and perseverance so he did not truly achieve the American dream. The people like Gatsby who live in this region try to hard to fit into this classless society. This is apparent with Gatsby's car, which symbolizes money and his lack of breeding. Breeding is seen as having the rich ancestors or relatives that pass the money and the name throughout the generations. Another example is Gatsby's library of uncut books. Gatsby had gone so far as to create the persona of him being an intelligent man having real written books instead of books with blank paper. The aspect of this that shows appearance vs. reality is that Gatsby has not read any of the pages of these books that remain sealed and uncut. This shows once again Gatsby's lack of breeding. Gatsby Attempts to seem sophisticated and as one of the elite are primarily targeted toward Daisy Buchanan. Daisy represents what Jay Gatsby wants in his life as part of his American Dream. Gatsby feels that if he can spend money outlandishly he can impress Daisy, which would then in turn aid Gatsby's assimilation into society. Because of this fact alone it shows that Gatsby is unhappy and...

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