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The American Dream Is Becoming A Blurry

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The American dream is becoming blurry, as unemployment rises, poverty, and debt
tops “The Home of the Brave’s” problem list. All these things are taking a toll on the
American middle class as they slump their way into poverty, shrinking the middle class
and striping the American dream. Every day, many people classify themselves as part
of the middle class, regardless of their actual income level. Even though an astounding
50 million people are considered poor in the United States.

When considering falling into the slump, the united states over the past decade
According to”” the American government spends an average of
$10.45 billion per day and a staggering, stomach- turning $435.8 million per hour.
Focusing on the borrowed portion alone, at that current burn rate the national debt is
growing by $4.8 billion every day. According to “How stuff” the American
debt has tripled, owing ...view middle of the document...

More than half
the Americans in the United States are in debt, while the numbers continue to increase
dramatically as multitudes fall prey to poverty.

According to “Before its” the American poverty line starts at $23,550
and below. This was soon to be fixed by the current president Barak Obama by GIVING
AWAY FREE STUFF. This man not only crippled the American society but, the
Economy with his Obamacare. This so called “Affordable Health Care” is crushing the
Middle class with bountiful negatives. Including: more taxes on the middle class, higher
Pre-miums lose of existing coverage, and costly health care. According to “Rebecca
Rifkin”, most Americans are okay with how the government is operating and prefer to
live off the government and receive its hand outs. Like the most popular benefits
including Food Stamps and Medicare. Programs and services such as these are making
the younger generation and people in general, physically lazy and furthermore
dependent upon the government. According to “” unemployment has
dropped to 6.3 percent, the lowest level since September 2008. Chief U.S economists,
Jim O’sullivan states that the “trend in employment remains more than strong enough to
keep unemployment trending down”. This is becoming the sad reality of the American
society, as the country itself find it hard to bounce back.

According to “” The headline number does not count as unemployed the
“discouraged” workers who have not looked for work in the past four weeks because
they believed no jobs were available. In April the numbers rose to 92,594,000, almost 1
million Americans were not in the labor Force. Meaning that when there are more
unemployed there are not as many goods being produced...also, these people aren't
making money that can be put back into the economy. Having a big impact
on both sides. According to “Think” These workers and their families
aren’t the only ones being impacted by the lapse in benefits, however the State
economies lost $400 million in a single week because of this unfortune. The entire
economy stands to lose 0.2 to 0.4 percentage points from GDP and nearly a quarter of
a million jobs.

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