The American Dream...It Is A "Dream"

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Slamming the car door, Christie furiously ran away from her silver Lexus into her beautiful white, Victorian home in Los Angeles, California. Collapsing on her oversized waterbed, and struggling through tears, she cried, "Why am I not happy?" This portrait of a discontented life is all too often displayed in the lives of American citizens. In this country, the United States of America, society thrives on the goal of achieving eternal happiness. Our Declaration of Independence recognizes every citizen's opportunity to obtain the rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Despite attempts to reach happiness, our society has unconsciously tainted true, realistic pleasure and leaned its focus on materialistic objects. The American Dream is misdirected.The American Dream is the proposal of pure happiness. For generations past and even present, people revolve their lives around obtaining this dream. There is no specific definition of the American Dream; it is anything that brings content to an individual. Contentment varies from person to person due to conventional factors. These include a person's ethnicity, childhood, environment, age, gender, and many more. For example, a sixteen-year-old female is not likely to share the same dream as a sixty five year old male. However, generally speaking, the majority of American citizens find interest in most, if not all, of the following aspects of a jovial life.The first and most common goal of the American Dream is that of love. Everyone wants to find love and care in the heart of another person. However, too often people find themselves searching for love, instead of waiting on faith to bring a special person into their lives. The harder one looks to find love, the less likely they are to find it. Love is a unique concept that is hidden behind unexpected corners. Thus, the idea holds true that good things come to those who wait.The next inspiration of the American dream is wealth. People are disillusioned when they think that money can bring them happiness. Driving an expensive car, living in an enormous house, and having unlimited material objects are only good for temporary delight. Most people who are blessed with wealth are only blessed for a limited time. Eventually, the money fades. When this happens, they do not know how to handle this seemingly irreplaceable loss. By revolving their lives around making, spending, and/or saving money, they are disheartened without it.The youth of America are taught that success comes from finding a high paying job and wearing uncomfortable, expensive clothing. Young adults are pressured to finish high school and attend a good college to earn a degree. Finding a "respectable" job, rather than working in a field of interest and enjoyment is considered success in today's world. The working world would be dominated by truly happy people if everyone would do work that they love instead of wasting energy for money and riches.The next most popular aspect of the...

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