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The American Healthcare System Essay

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Joanna Espinoza

ObamaCare essay

This is the obama care essay and this is the unofficial name for the patient protection was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The specific policies that are required by Obama Care is if they a really problem that really needs care or any medication. Before they opened ObamaCare it has been really hard for people to get the medication they needed. As well they couldn’t get the correct care they really needed. Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities. National health insurance plan, administered by the federal government as an alternative private health ...view middle of the document...

The reasoning behind “health care reform” is the different health care reforms an analysis of inefficiencies and market failures in the current healthcare system. This could also explain the different things about the reforms and what they apply to. Some other reforms they apply to is an analysis of the economic effects of slowing health care cost growth and expanding coverage. 18 percent of GDP, share is projected to rise sharply. And GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. Health Care costs continue to grow at historical rates. Obama Care was written because not a lot of people had medical and couldn’t afford their bills. This also shows people that the government does help you no matter the surgal they are going to. Like families that have a low income, parents that are not working, or even one parent that is working. So no matter the problem ObamaCare and other medical is helping you with the trouble u have.

The current controversy surrounding ObamaCare is republicans. The republicans are the most current controversy because without them ObamaCare could shut down and never reopen again. As well they would take everything away from the people that can’t afford any type of medical. Most people could really afford the ObamaCare so they could help with any short of money and medication. Even though some people could afford good medical or insurance. They want to see if they want to see what the obama care could try the different medical. Also they try to help the people who could only afford cheap medical. They even try to get people to stop it but that never happens. Everyone thinks that this is a good way to help the people that need some sort of help on medical.


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