The American Identoty From Two Perspectives

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Since the birth of the new country, America had to create everything from zero. When America was discovered it was a wild territory in which the culture, the language and the religion according to Europeans were not developed. At the very beginning of the birth of the country, America was divided into different colonies whose population was basically immigrants from Europe. Those immigrants, who came to America, were from England, Holland, France, German, and Scandinavian population. They carried the culture, language, and traditions from their countries and then they were adapted to the new country and to the new style of life. This melting pot of cultures made America to ...view middle of the document...

Many writers tried to describe using all the literary devices and talking from one perspective the white Anglo-Saxon perspective. This was the dominant perspective in literature during many years and literature was not only the art of writing beautiful texts to enjoy, it was also to write texts with social, political or other different purposes. The American literature grow up during the 19th and 20th centuries and it was under the political and more important the religious power. All the literary compositions created in America were under the dominant cannon of Europe which consisted on white male writer. It is true that they create the identity of the nation with a multicultural society and diversity but under the white supremacy. They were the descendants of those Pilgrim Fathers and their idea was to create a new race based on the values of those pilgrims and with a powerful identity. They established some icons and some symbols related to this new identity. For instance, the flag with bars and stars, the eagle, and the statue of liberty.
Although the majority of the population was composed by white people, as I have explained before, there was a minority composed by Native American population. According to the white population they were not people because they did nor share any characteristics, they were illiterate, their religion was not valid and they were not strong enough to defend their rights fighting against those who wanted to finish with the original Americans. After the American Revolution, some authors considered the Native Americans as White Americans and they ashamed the conditions of the African- American population, the injustices against them and the pain they had caused.
Along the years, the American writers have developed their literature and its evolution has been one of the most remarkable and fast. As we have mentioned before, the American nation is a melting pot of cultures and this mixture makes the American literature be so rich and so different from the European literature although the former is based on the latter models. Looking at the American literature we can see how the different authors defend their own identity and their origin without taking into account the color of the skin, the religion, or the ideology.

2- The duality in the American National Identity
The fact that the American nation was a melting pot of cultures of nationalities made that the literature had different perspectives and with literature the authors tried to claim their rights and their existence. Literature was one of the most powerful weapons to fight against the injustices and American authors used it to fight. Although the American population was so big there are two dominant “races”. In this essay will explain the national identity from two different perspectives. The first one, from the perspective of Walt Whitman, a white writer and concretely in his work I hear America singing. The second one, from the perspective of a black...

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