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The American Impression Essay

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‘’The American impression’’
Although today’s America in many ways has changed into a new society. Immigrants desire to move to America because they have freedom of religion, a chance to rise from poverty, and a new beginning. According to Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur in from Letters from an American Farmer, ‘’ A country that had no bread for him, whose fields produced him no harvest, who met with nothing but the frowns of the rich, the severity of the laws, with jails and punishments; who owned not a single foot of the extensive surface of this planet? No! Urged by a variety of motives, here they came (148). Immigrants have a need to move to America to have a better future. As immigrants look on America they see that it’s a way out of getting a new life.

Across the world, people are persecuted because of their beliefs. In America, we are fortunate to be able to have freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is important; people can freely partake in the practices of their religion without defiance. Religion can easily be defined as something one believes in and follows devotedly, a point or matter of ethics or conscience. To me freedom of religion is being able to speak your mind about what your beliefs are, or being able to speak on your opinions about another religion. Freedom of religion is more important to society then what it is credited for. My religion is Christianity, which is the belief that there is one god in heaven and he died for our sins, he created the heavens and the earths and he also created us. In other countries no matter if it’s against laws you can never change someone’s thoughts or feelings. Everyone deserves the opportunity to worship where and how they want to freely. America is really more blessed then what we see through are eyes in everyday life, Americans should see that many wars have been fought based on just the subject of religion itself and that we are aloud to freely worship what we believe anywhere and anytime we proceed.
Immigrants relocating to America gave them a chance to rise from poverty. As we know nothing in life is handed to you, you have to...

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