The American Reputation For Fair Play, By Victor Rauly Haya De La Torre And The Federal Bureau Of Narcotics

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Raul Haya de la Torre and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
Victor de la Haya was once a celebrated Peruvian politician. He is remembered primarily as an advocate for democracy and workers' rights in Peru. Haya was often viewed as a great political reformer, who tried very hard to change the way the country was governed. In 1923, Haya is most known for establishing the APRA (Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana). His political career is filled with many bad periods where the Peruvian government and their neighboring allies turned against him. One such time he was forced to seek asylum in the Colombian embassy in Lima, Peru for over 5 years. Victor de la Haya attracted a lot of attention to himself because of his strong outspoken views. As a result he gained a large number of followers and reputable friends who supported his reformation. But he also had almost as many enemies as friends, enemies that collaborated with Peruvian officials to have him arrested for charges and allegations not related to that of politics, but instead perhaps a result of his political alliances (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2011).
And so comes into the question the arrest of Eduardo Balarezo by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in in 1949. Balarezo was a prominent drug lord in Latin America. He was credited as being the sole leading distributor of narcotics specifically cocaine and heroin in the United States. He had a structured organization known as the ‘Balarezo gang’ who had set up cells in the northeastern part of the United States more specifically in New York (Gootenberg, 2011). Harry Anslinger the Director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was on a mission to crack down on the transportation of drugs from Latin American countries through to the United States. As part of his tactical plan in weeding out the remaining drug lords in Peru, he ultimately targeted Victor de la Haya, and strongly accused him of having being a participant in the elicitation of drugs with Balarezo (Dorn, 2002).
Victor de la Haya was accused by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics of using his political power to manipulate authorities to ultimately aid Eduardo Balarezo, and set up a structured drug ring operation. Haya is said to have helped smuggled goods into Peru and cocaine into the United States, in exchange for large sums of money which he who they use to buy guns and ammunition to aid his political party in Peru (Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana) in the political revolution in Peru. This would have ultimately led to the acceptance of his reformation and his path to the presidency of the nation. These allegations came at the worst possible time, and severely crippled the United States’ relationship with Peru. Peru at the time was an imperialist government that strongly opposed democracy. When Victor de la Haya had first come to light with a democratic message the United States was in strong support....

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