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The American Revolution: The Battle Of Many

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The American Revolution is often misinterpreted as being a dispute only between the white British men and the colonial American soldiers. Yet, it is clearly visible that colonial women, African American slaves, and Native Americans also took a part in the quest for American independence. During the war, African American slaves participated in the war in hopes of one day gaining freedom. The Natives Americans at the time tried to maintain a neutral stance, but failed to do so. It was impossible for them to remain out of the battle given the circumstances. Finally, colonial women gathered together and gathered money in order to help the war effort. The American Revolution shed the strength and effort of these three groups. As a result, it was not only a “white man’s battle.”
The reason for the war was between colonial American men and white British men, but one must understand the reason behind the war to grasp a full understanding of why others participated in it. The colonists were being oppressed by Parliament. Conflict arose among these people because Great Britain levied a series of numerous taxes on the people of the thirteen colonies. Great Britain did this to recover economically because previous wars had put them in great debt. Notable taxes put on the colonists include the Stamp Act and the Tea Act. Being induced by Enlightenment ideas of freedom and reason, the colonist declared the taxes unjust and fought against the oppression. As the fight continued, the revolutionary slogan of the colonist was born: “No taxation without representation.” Although many wanted to fight against Britain, many also drifted away from the idea. For example, Daniel Leonard felt great loyalty to the Parliament. He thought the war would only end in a blood bath because the colonies were morally wrong in going against their home, and because Great Britain was more power than the colonies.
“You have been most insidiously induced to believe, that Great Britain is rapacious, cruel, and vindictive, and envies us the inheritance purchased by the sweat and blood of our ancestors… The colonies would be unable to furnish any men; They have not more than necessary to govern their numerous slaves, and to defend themselves against the Indians…When war is proclaimed, all supplies from foreign parts will be cut off.”
He thought the colonists were misinformed about the war, and that it was not in their best interest to fight Great Britain. As the war began, more and more groups of people joined the battle. It was no surprise that women, slaves, and Native Americans joined the war. Their participation clearly states that the war was not only a white man quarrel.
African American slaves were a crucial apparatus in the fight of the American Revolution despite the fact that they did not participate in it at the very beginning. Slave resistance took a toll in the early parts of the war in America. The Americans noticed slave resistance when a group of blacks threw white...

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