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The American Revolution Vs. The Patriot

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The Patriot Vs. The American RevolutionAs you watch the Patriot you see many of the battles fought during the Americanrevolution. You also see the uniforms they wore to battle, and the guns they used andhow they were used. But what you didn't see was the fact that the movie doesn't relate tothe American Revolution, in ways that I'm going to explain in the next paragraphs. It wasdifferent because of the weapons they used, the way the slaves were being treated in themovie compared to in the actual time, the way the battles were fought and where theywere, and the transportation they used.In the movie there were scene's in which they were in a battle fighting and thecanon ball would come out of the canon and travel through the air at a fast speed hit theground a blow up. The canon balls did not blow up back then, they simply hit the groundand took out whatever was in the way, because they were made from cast-iron.(Thehistory And it also showed them having good accuracy, thecannons only had one purpose taking out as many people as possible in one place, theydid not focus on accuracy when they made the cannon. That is why they had multiplecannons set up behind the infantry men. The guns the used in the movie resembled, theones they used in the American Revolution, but oviously they were replica's. Theyshowed them reloading in under 5 seconds, it took 15 seconds if not more to reload. Theyhad to put the gunpowder in, put the tiny ball in, pack it down, all this would take morethen 5 seconds(Countryman 2002, 67). It also showed them making multiple shots out ofthe same gun without reloading. This was not possible because, during that time the gunsweren't spring loaded they were based on gun power, and a tiny ball.The Patriot Vs. The American RevolutionIn the movie the Patriot, It showed the homeowner Mel Gibson owning a bunchof slaves. It showed them plowing the fields, harvesting their crops, doing housework. Italso showed the home owners treating the slaves like their family, in that time blackpeople weren't considered equal to the white man. So on a rare occasion this wouldhappen. Back then slaves were treated so badly, if they were on a plantation they wouldmost likely be served a small serving of food, and blanket for adults to sleep with. Mostof the time the...

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