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The American Revolution Was A War Against Taxes.

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Some people say that the American Revolution was a war against taxes. In my opinion the accuracy of this statement is not high. Actually it is my belief that the American. Revolution was a war caused by taxes. It will become obvious in the impending analysis that the American Revolution was indeed causes by taxes. "For every action there is a reaction." This was said by the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton. It was his belief that anything in life that's has a cause will have an effect. This is clearly what happened during the Revolution. The taxiing of the American population by parliament led to the major factors that caused the revolution.The first offensive taxes that were imposed on the colonist were set up by parliaments chancellor of Treasury; George Greenville. It was his belief that while the empire was suffering from war debt, the colonies should help pay the debt because of the aid they were provided with during the French and Indian war. According to Greenville America had repay the British for the service they gave them; which freed them from French, Spanish and Dutch Privateers. To keep peace in the Empire, America had to pay its share. With that idea in mind, Greenville urged parliament to pass the "Sugar Act of 1764," "the Stamp Act of 1765". These taxations placed on the colonies were the beginning causes of why a rebellion among the colonists took place."The Sugar Act of 1764" was a reestablishment of "the Molasses Act of 1733" which was neglected by the colonists much like the Navigation laws. The main purpose of this act was to extract as much money as possible from the Americas. At this time several modifications were made to "the Molasses Act." For example, the tax price on Molasses was changed from sixpence a gallon to three pence a gallon of Molasses. Besides the taxing of Molasses, wine and coffee were taxed as well. At first the colonists did not mind "the Sugar Act" because Molasses were an important part of their trade. The Molasses was used to make rum which was an important part of New England trade. It was then sold in the colonies and used in the slave trade as well as the West Indies trade. All together this was a huge profit for the American and they did not see a purpose to rebel against this particular act.After the "Sugar Act in 1764", Greenville urged parliament to pass another Act that would collect even more money from America. This Act was called "The Stamp Actof 1765." It was during this time that they colonist's rights were slowly starting to be taken away from them. "The Stamp Act" taxes any type of written document, newspaper, magazines, legal papers, and playing cards. To show that you had paid the tax on these items a stamp was to be put on them. No stamp on an item would me being fined or jailed without a fair trial. This was the first right to be taken away from the Americans. As proper Englishmen they were entitled to the right of a fair trial which was something they did not receive.Once this...

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