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The Amida Buddha In Context Essay

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The Amida Buddha in Context
The Buddha was and is an important figure in several different cultures, and his influence has spread over large areas. Across these different cultures, many forms of art portrayed him in different ways. In Japan, one of the Buddha’s titles stood out as the “Amida Buddha.” The statue that this paper will be detailing portrays “Amida, the Buddha of Infinite Light” (“Amida”). The statue is located in the Dayton Art Institute’s Japanese Art Gallery 105 with the acquisition number 1935.1. Created in the thirteenth century during the Kamakura period, this statue stands out in the Dayton Art Institute as a prominent Buddha figure. It is made of wood with lacquer ...view middle of the document...

For a comparison, I chose to relate the Amida Buddha with the famous sculpture Seated Buddha Preaching the First Sermon, which was created in fifth century India during the Gupta period (O’Riley 72). While they both come from different regions, both are heavy with symbolism and share some common features. Like the Amida Buddha, the Seated Buddha is seated cross-legged and is shown meditating. His inner focus is noted by his downcast eyes and his serene pose (O’Riley 73). Both of the Buddha sculptures are using mudras, but they differ because the Seated Buddha is using the teaching mudra as opposed to the mudra of appeasement (O’Riley 72). The Seated Buddha also has some additional features that the Amida Buddha lacks. The Seated Buddha is seated on top of a lotus flower and a lion throne to show his royalty, and behind him, there is a nimbus to symbolize his universal spirit. Underneath the Seated Buddha, a viewer would observe that the Wheel of the Law, an important figure in Buddhism, is being turned by six disciples and deer. This display is a reference to the location of the Buddha’s first sermon, which was in Deer Park (O’Riley 72). On the other hand, the Amida Buddha is portrayed by himself without a throne or the Wheel of the Law. The materials used to construct each statue are different, with the Amida Buddha being made out of wood with lacquer and gilt and the Seated Buddha being made out of Chunar sandstone (O’Riley 72). Neither one has a huge variety in colors because of the minimal amount of materials used to create each statue. Additionally, the Seated Buddha lacks the flowing drapery that...

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