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Many, who have never had the opportunity to witness the Amish culture, may be simply missing out on one of the simplest ways of life. Dressing like they never made the turn of the century, having a horse as the main means of transportation, and not having a camera on hand to take family photos may be just a few of the things that we often observe about the Amish culture from our point of view. But, have we ever just stopped and thought about the reason of why they act the way that they do? In today’s time, we are often guilty to judge others at a rate that is faster than the rate that we actually “walk in someone else’s shoes.” I chose the Amish culture because I had the opportunity to travel in the northern United States, on the rodeo trail. That spent many days in Indiana and Pennsylvania, and I had the chance to go to a market where Amish were selling products. They had either baked or products they had designed and with their own two hands. After witnessing the simple way of life, as many would consider it, and the people who woke up in 2014 and still look like they are in the 1800’s, I left that place thinking that these people have a reason for the way of life that they practice. The way of life seemed very strange, because of the “simple” way of life and not so much dependent upon technology and gas engines, well engines are basically technology. Of the five levels of multicultural development I would categorize the Amish to fall under the level of ignorance/hatred. This way of life for many which live in the northern United States, along with some scattered about various portions of the United States seems to be their own unique way to become closer to God and reach heaven. Not that I actually consider the Amish way of life to be a way of life that many should not, but I appreciate the fact that there are so many people that live the way that they do in order to become closer to God, and not living a selfish way of life.
According to the research that I conducted, the name “Amish” comes from Jakob Ammann” (Amish: Out of order. (2014)). Founded in the Europe in close relation Mennonite church, which many mistaken for Amish, this way of life seems to keep things on the simple side and often referred to as the “plain people”. These two cultures share some of the same characteristics in many ways, but the Mennonites do believe in driving vehicles and having telephones to just name a few of the things that they tend to do differently. The Amish come from the “Anabaptist Christian denomination who are especially known for their separation from society” (The amish. (2007). Modern technology is something that these people do not specifically approve of like, vehicles, tractors, smart phones, television, and even a shock to many photographs of themselves. If an Amish was to take a photograph of their self or as in today’s time a “selfie” the individual would have to face the elders of the community and them ask for...

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