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Floydd Money Rainsford a man who many considered to be the best boxer that ever lived was getting ready for the biggest fight of his career. Harrison Bergeron was the up and comer that had already fought 30 times in one year and had gone undefeated. He had bulldozed through everyone that was put in front of him and now he was set to go against the undisputed champion of the world he planned on using his speed against Rainsfords brute force and strategy. Rainsford was known for his intelligence and his ways of toying with the enemy.
Rainsford’s last fight was one that many people say will last throughout the ages. Rainsford last fought with a man who was nicknamed General Zaroff. Zaroff had once been an undefeated champion ,until Rainsford stepped in and showed him what a rookie could do. Rainsford stepped in and did not use his brute force. Rainford knew Zaroff was much stronger that him ,but he also knew that Zaroff’s speed and strategy were not comparable to his own. Rainsford stepped in the ring and suddenly began using the bob and weave technique on Zaroff. Once Zaroff noticed he began throwing body shots ,but only landed one out of the five punches he attempted. When they reached round 8 Zaroff was worn out after chasing Rainsford constantly and missing so many punches. Rainsford than decided to go on the offensive he began throwing hook combinations directly at Zaroff. Zaroff kept on trying, the image was brutal. When that round ended the referee began to take a look at the fighters. Zaroff’s nose had been broken and was off to the side, his face was totally swollen, his eyes were swollen shut, and he had cuts on several areas near his cheekbones. He had not been defending himself very well. He was often only using offensive, when he really should’ve been focusing on. Any strategist would’ve been able to tell that Rainsford was just toying with him and wearing him out ,so he could just attack him in the later rounds and when the later rounds began it seemed that something was pushing Zaroff to start fighting again. He began throwing various combinations of punches. He landed many hits ,but they were still not even half as much as Rainsford had landed throughout the whole fight. Rainsford was totally dominating throughout the whole fight. He began feeling that it was already destined for him to be the champion ,but than Zaroff landed a surprise haymaker to Rainsfords right cheek which brought Rainsford to the ground immediately. Rainsford on the brink of being out for the count ,but right at nine he got up and was ready to fight. He says that in those nine seconds he noticed...

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