The Level Of Understanding Of Students In De La Salle Lipa On Tuition Fee Increase

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Proper education is one of the main factors for a progressing nation. With the increasing cost of living, education cost also increases. This research, “The Level of Understanding of Students in De La Salle Lipa on Tuition Fee Increase” is conducted to determine students understanding on the possible cause of tuition fee increase in our school and tuition fee allocation. It is also an objective to indirectly help the students to be aware of the fees they're paying and the allocation and breakdown of the tuition fee. After a long research online, reading articles and conducting a survey related to our topic, the researchers come up to a result that the students in Dela Salle Lipa have an average understanding on tuition fee increase. On the other hand, numbers of students think that the increase on fees for school services and utilities does not necessarily imply improvement on the said service and facility.Education is the building block of a nation. It is a must for an individual to attend school and obtain a proper education to be able to participate and contribute on building a nation. However, with the increasing cost of living which includes cost of education, the parents and the prospective students are facing more challenges in attending universities or colleges. To live, people earn money by working in their job places, rather than to use money by getting education in the schools .(Brent,2012). Families are prioritizing their basic needs like food, housing and clothing instead of sending their children to attend school.
The skyrocketing costs of college can lead a parent to wonder if an investment in higher education still makes sense.(Clark). The increase in cost of education especially in the university had caused the parents to wonder if they will continue on supporting their children to obtain a college degree. In the Philippines, tuition fee in higher education is governed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd). Any increase in tuition fee is to be approved by CHEd prior implementation. CHEd is not an approving body and schools could raise tuition and other fees as long as requirements are met, schools could raise tuition and other fees.
In De La Salle Lipa, tuition fee table and calculation is not published on the official school website. It is only upon enrollment and payment that the prospective student would have to see the details. It is assumed that for most of the students, tuition fee increase is inevitable and reasonable. Given the impact of increasing cost of education on the perspective of the parents, it is therefore sought to understand the level of understanding of the students on the increase of cost of education particularly on the increase of tuition fee. Thus, this research is conducted; the level of understanding of students in DLSL on tuition fee increase
Education in the Philippines prior to the mid-20th century was patterned on the educational systems of its earlier colonial powers, those of both Spain...

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