The Amzon Rain Forest. This Essay Is About The Amazon Rain Forest And How Much Longer It Will Be Around For It Got Me A Good Grade Hope Fully For You.

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it is done in standered text u can change if desired."We know there will be problems in environmental terms, manySerious problems, but it is a matter of economics. There won't be anyComplete disaster, and what we cannot solve, well, that's the price we haveTo pay. There is a constant war that is being fought in the rainforestsSouth America. The death toll is one that far surpasses any other war inHistory. Vietnam and World War II had minimal loss of life compared to thisnever ending battle. It is predicted that by the year 2020, the casualties willreach 150 per day. This total does not even include the loss of human lifedue to the lack of oxygen and the unsuitable living conditions. Thishorrible scenario would be the result of mankind's failure to cooperate andlive in harmony with the environment, especially the rainforest of SouthAmerica. In the end, the destruction of the rainforests will mean thedestruction of mankind.The devastation of the rainforest may be compared to playing agame of Russian Roulette. One-forth of existing medicines are derivedfrom tropical plants whose homes are in the rainforests of South America.For every acre that is lost in the burning season, there is one acre less thatwe have for possible life saving medicines. About 70 percent of plantsused in anti-cancer drugs come from the rain forest. We are slowlydestroying ourselves and the environment. Whether we realize it or not,the world could quickly come to an ecological halt. Every day 144,000acres of the rainforests are cut down, slashed and/or put up in flames.In 1974, Brazil started a forest fire of 20.6 million square feet (3,900 squaremiles). The fire ragged out of control and was later marked the largestforest fire in Brazilian history. This 1974 fire is now considered small toothers in the past recent years. On average the burning season lasts up tofour months out of the whole year. During this period of time, it is notuncommon for the majority of South America to be covered in a thickblanket of smoke. The bulk of these fires, when combined, are equivalentto the great inferno of 1988 at Yellow Stone National Park. Emitted fromthese devastating fires every year are billions of carcinogens andpoisonous gases that end up in the atmosphere. The gases and pollutionhave been building for many years, and scientists believe that theatmosphere is due to reach its saturation point very soon.The greed for money and lust for land are just two flames at the heartof the fire. At the expense of innocent lives of rainforest dwelling animalsand local environmentalists, large corporations can some how justify theremurderous means. Rainforests cover only a mere seven percent of theearth's land surface, yet they contain 50 percent of the world's species.Along with the thousands of animals in these century old forests, there aremany tribes of Indians who are subjected to torment and usually deathfrom the large companies. Heartless Corporations such as Endesa,Arboriente and PICOP...

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759 words - 3 pages eroded away leaving the land barren with more trees needed to be cut down so that the process could start all over again. Restaurants use rain forest beef because it is so cheap. Most fast food chains are suspected of using rain forest beef. All these lands that were used were abandoned within 2 or 3 years, because of the nutrients in the soil are eroded and used up. New lands were needed; therefore new trees have to be cut down. This cycle will

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1458 words - 6 pages that may be endangered than preserving the animals' habitats, which are so necessary for survival. In other words to protect a species you must protect its environment in this case the rainforest.Not all effects of rainforest depletion are bad but the good doesn't come anywhere near comparing with the bad. The major pro of this issue is economic development for the countries that make a profit on land that was once rainforest. Malaysia and

This essay is about divorce in todays society. IT contains facts and figures as well as a bibliography of works cited. I got a good grade on this paper for my comp II class

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2897 words - 12 pages cure for a disease or an ingredient for a medicine is not hidden in the rainforest? How will we know if it gets cut down?Wilson lists above just but a few of the many utilitarian benefits of the rainforest, and not even the most crucial. Rainforests act as carbon storehouses and henceforth, protect us from global warming - this is essential to for our continued existence on earth. In addition, while living trees remove carbon dioxide, a major

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Hold my hand or else! This was a book report for Year 7 and I got an A for it. I hope it helps you in your assingment:)

1182 words - 5 pages can "rock on" for a chat about the same thing. Dr Samuels gives Sam a condom and shows him how to put it on, on his finger. Sam gets away without going to Bruisers by going to the doctors. A hormone patch is a small bandaid like pad that goes on your arm. Sam stressed over his Mum going crazy because he went to the doctors without telling her. He eventually gets caught and his Mum cracks up laughing!Which character did you admire the most?I admired

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518 words - 2 pages farm, and that Tengo would be his bossboy. When Tengo shows that he is unnerved by that, Frikkie isn't really sure what to think. For example, he says, "Hey-- wait for me!... Where are you going?" If Frikkie had not dreaded change for nearly all his life, and believing that everything would be just like he wanted it to be, then when bad things happened, it wouldn't have been so awful for him.I would not recommend Waiting for the Rain to other

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1526 words - 7 pages interwoven into the day by day operations that the permanence of the medical center is in danger. I have found that there are three foremost concerns that must be addressed and are presently carrying out the in-house procedure of this medical facility. The workers give good reason for his or her proceedings by means of his or her individual deposit of ideas and principles, which she or he would agree to, speak his or her distinctive routines at a

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My essay is called A Separate peace It is about Evolution and it answers different question such as: What is Evolution? or What is the cause of Evolution? and so on. I hope it will help you!!!

1840 words - 7 pages acknowledge his rather elevated abilities at all. This is where one of the first of many conflicts in the story enters, why would he show such a disrespect for himself? What could lead him to hold such a gratuitous aspect of modesty? These very questions were constantly, as can be interpreted from the reading, flowing throughout Gene's mind. It existed to such an extent that Gene would eventually execute a rather selfish and questionably deliberate

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1879 words - 8 pages The Rain Forest      The destruction of the rainforest is a problem that the people of the world can not continue to ignore. 14 percent of the Earth's land used to be covered by rainforests yet this number has dropped significantly to only about 6 percent ( Rainforests provide the people of the world with many necessities, some of which would no longer be available if rainforests did not

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2201 words - 9 pages protesting the tremendous damage to the rainforest. (Lewis, 95) This might work because Brazil has recently passed laws to protect some of the rain forest. (Hope for the Future, 1)The rainforests are a very important resource in life. Without them this world would be very different, and certainly for the worse. If there are not some major scientific discoveries or the destruction of the rainforest is not stopped, then all of us will suffer a tremendous loss. This loss would take the form of many species becoming extinct and significant changes in the world's climate and environment.

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1873 words - 7 pages Source on-line database. This article is about the pollution the Amazon has been causing. This article goes over the statistics and the main sources of pollution that the Amazon creates. This article will also pose as an opposition to the argument that rain forest destruction should be prohibited. Environmental. (2009, December 14). Percentage decrease in forestland (1990- 2007). Newsweek, 56. Retrieved February 1, 2010, from Gale Cengage

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1193 words - 5 pages left. The destruction of these rain forests occurs simply to improve the lives of people who do not need it for “shot-term economic gains”(Carr 1). As a matter of fact, it will be one of the main causes that destroys mankind. Scientist must find some other resources to save the rain forests. After all the rain forest “is a library for the life sciences, the world’s greatest pharmaceutical laboratory, and a flywheel of climate. It’s a matter of global destiny.” (Carr 7)