The Analogy For Napoleon: George Orwell's Animal Farm

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When the time comes to vote for either Napoleon or Snowball, Napoleon uses Snowball to gain power by blaming everything that goes wrong on him to make the animal’s thing negatively about him and his future plans for the farm. George Orwell could make his point about the Russian revolution clearer and easier for the readers by using the animal. Napoleon is breaking the commandment number six which is no animal shall kill any other animal. After the rebellion the animals create the seven commandments. Propaganda plays a big part in the maintenance of power. Most of the animals represent characters in the Russian revolution such as : Napoleon represents Josef Stalin, however, Old Major represents Karl Marx or Vladimir Llyich Lenin, Snowball is like Leon Trotsky and Mr. Jones is like Nicholas the second. The pigs reveal that they have taught themselves to read and write, this is important because it makes them have an advantage over the other animals and it could come in handy at important times when they are trying to fool the animals into believing something. This is made so that the sheep can understand better because it is catchy and easy to remember. After the animals elect Napoleon he begins to break the commandments by sleeping in a bed, drinking alcohol and doing many other things that the animals are completely unaware of. Old Major tried so hard to make them see the sense but the pigs wanted power and in the end they got it. One of the sayings created for the sheep is "four legs good two legs bad". Napoleon deals with the hens rebellion by taking their rations away and saying that any animal who feeds the hens will die with them. Through the book 'Animal farm', George Orwell in a way can 'hint' his criticism of something that he thinks is wrong. They would become controlled by it.

Delivering his message in such a manner, Orwell is able to satirically deliver what many political or social...

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