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The Research And Development Process Essay

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The Research and Development Process

Manufacturing companies' Research and Development (R & D)

groups significantly contribute to United States' fast-paced industrial

technology development. They promote industrial growth, and enhance the

social well-being of the people.

Normally, companies, especially those with enough resources, accept

research contracts from the government and the private-sector to undertake

the research of:

- Medium and long-term applied research in development of generic,

forward-looking, and advanced technologies;

- Short-term research to improve processes and to develop new

products according to industrial needs.

Most reset projects will go through a trial mass production to ensure

the feasibility of new industrial technologies and plans for strategic

withdrawals upon project completion. The research results are disseminated

to the industrial sector in a timely and appropriate fashion in accordance

with the principles of justice, fairness, and openness. They also provide

industrial services to foster the technological development of small and

medium-sized businesses and cultivate human resources in industrial

technology for the benefit of the nation.


Research development strategy depends on the present growth of

environment and the industrial development potential of the future. The

strategy is also attuned to international trends, emphasizes environmental

protection and safety issues, as well as preservation of natural resources.

Management of Research and Development constantly

reviews and revises its task loading to be in effective in its future search for

new discipline and avenue of research.

In carrying out science and technology projects, manufacturing

companies constantly update their focus on forward-looking, innovative

technology research and development, and set new goals for promoting

advanced technologies. In contrast to the case of fundamental scientific

research, the major purpose is the creation of maximum benefits for industry

in a five-to-ten- year time frame.


Successful companies relied mostly on the abilities of their core of

management personnel. Some are also encouraging participative type of

management where inputs direct from operators and plant personnel are look

at and recommendation to adapt any measures to pursue or to drop the

suggestions received. Below is an example of an organization focused on

Research and Development.
Research Division



The most basic element of technological advance is invention: the

first discovery of a product or process through the use of imagination,

ingenious thinking, and experimentation and the first proof that it will work.

While invention is a...

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