The Study Of The Relationships Between People And Different Aspects Of Society

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World history is defined as the study of the relationships between people and different aspects of society such as culture, behavior, freedom and religion (Manning,2003,1). Two factors have had a significant impact on world history, are external and internal factors (World History Connected, n.d). The external factors are based on scientific principles in areas such as chemistry, archaeology and the environment , internal factors are traditional topics of history such as slavery, freedom, abolition and racial discrimination (World History Connected, n.d).

External scientific factors are things that reveal new information about the sciences (World History Connected, n.d). Factors based on fossils, organisms, languages or the changing environment. Scientists are able to analyze data and make unbiased, factual opinions. They may answer the questions proposed in history. Alfred Wegener developed the continental drift theory, he suggested that all the continents of the world were originally joined. This statement based on geographical characteristics that were similar, but found on different continents (Origins of Continents and Oceans, n.d). Historians study internal factors in order to identify common patterns and connections(Manning, 2003,5).William Hardy McNeill said that connections in history are vital as it allows one to synthesize various histories around the world (McNeil, 1998). Racial discrimination is an example of connecting political issues around the world. America enforced Jim Crow laws, which segregated people of different races. This spread to Africa, the way in which people have reacted, is an important part of history that historians have analyzed (Manning, 2003,5).

Scientists rely on advanced technology; such as computers to formulate research. Fossil evidence supports Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, fossils showed how organisms of the same species...

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