The Analysis Of A Passage Of Verse In 1590 1700

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The Analysis of a Passage of Verse in 1590-1700 An analysis of a passage of verse or prose
written between 1590-1700, explaining the meaning and quality they
would aim to bring out in speaking the passage aloud.

“To Anthea who may command him anything”- Robert Herrick

The way we speak poetry must reflect the emotion of the poet, when
writing it. To do this the reader must draw on their personal
emotions, thought and feelings.

Herrick has written this to be a sincere declaration of love from
himself to Anthea, speaking of how he would do anything for her.
Herrick is very earnest in his pleas to her, and so we can determine
that this is not an humorous poem .Therefore when spoken the speaker
must use this emotion and knowledge to portray the poem in the correct

This poem contains 6 verses, with 4 lines of poetry in each verse. The
poem is iambic and so the stress falls on each second word.

The first verse, as with all poems should make the most impression on
the audience. Therefore it should be spoken with emphasis, clearly and
should start the poem in the way that the speaker means to go on. The
first line of this particular poem would need to be spoken powerfully,
by lowering the speakers voice, as it talks of him asking her if he
should live of not. This is also the most important line of the poem
as it starts it, and is the line that will if any entrap the audience
so that they listen to the poem. It should be spoken clearly and
slowly. The third and fourth lines of the first verse are about the
poet, bidding him love and he would love her. This should be spoken in
a imploring manner, showing the poets earnest devotion to Anthea.

The second verse is talking about the heart, and how no heart could
be found in the world that is as kind or free as his. When speaking
poetry punctuation has to be taken into account. In the second verse,
at the end of the second line there is no punctuation at this point
the voice must be kept high and must flow onto speaking the next line,
this is called an enjambment and can be described as being a
suspensive pause, due to the pause a large breath needs to be taken at
the beginning of the line, this allows the speaker to continue along
the verse in a fluid style.

In this verse the words “soft” and “sound“, stand out these should
have some emphasis by slightly raising the voice, but also should
embody the meaning of the word, for example soft should be spoken

In the third verse he is asking for her command again, “bid that heart
stay”. This I would speak in a factual manner, by keeping the same
tone and expression throughout the line thus putting across the fact
that Anthea seems to be able to almost control the poet. The second
line slower and...

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