The Analysis Of Mis Systems

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The Analysis of MIS Systems

Target Setting

The target is the aim that you set out to achieve and setting is how
you go about it. Setting is the planning stage.

Target setting is about setting yourself a goal that you set out to

An example of target setting in the police force to tackle crime rates
– Reduce crime rate would be the target and the setting would be how
to go about reducing crime rates (e.g. recruit more policeman).

Example of Target Setting

Thames Valley Police have set a set a target (Target Setting) to
tackle crime. They have prepared a five year strategy and this
includes targets for the reduction of crimes where there has been a
particular increase i.e. violent crimes and robberies. Thames Valley
Police have come up with this plan because crime rates have been
rising in the area for the past year and they hope to reduce crime as
a result of this plan.

I have included the Thames Valley Police Crime Reduction Strategy and
this can be looked at in appendix 1.


Forecasting is predicting what is going to happen in the future. These
predictions can come from looking at past results/figures and

An example of forecasting would be looking at the budget required for
a police station for the upcoming year. To achieve this the budgets
given in the past years would need to be looked at and the increasing
needs of the police station would also have to be looked into. For
example, if more police officers were required for the new year then
the wage demands, training costs, recruiting costs etc would need to
be taken into account when forecasting the budget.

Another example of forecasting would be looking into how many police
officers would need to be employed for the upcoming year. A method of
going about this would be to view the crime rates for the past few
years and if this was on the increase then it would perhaps be an idea
to employ more policemen to deal with this situation.

The budget should be strictly controlled because if it wasn’t this
could result in over expenditure of unnecessary things. This would be
a waste of government and public money.

I will arrive at a budget using the following scenario:

I will be manning a police station for a five year period and will
have to take into account the capital and annual costs.


1 inspector

1 admin

2 sergeants

12 constables

Constables £21000

Sergeant £30000

Admin £15000

Inspector £38000

12 constables at £21,000 = £252,000 x3 shifts

£252,000 x3 = £756,000

2 sergeants at £30,000 = £60,000 x3 shifts

£60,000 x3 = £180,000

1 Admin = £15,000

1 Inspector = £38,000

Total expenditure on wages = £989,000 pa (x5 for 5 year period)


I will be needing three cars at my...

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