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The Analysis Of The University Of Melbourne’s It Plan In Cobit 5 Framework

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Meet stakeholder needs
The University will continue to invest in technologically enabled collaborative learning spaces. These will be supported by innovative ICT solutions which are reliable and available to students on an extended‐hours basis. Development of a rich Personal Learning Environment ‐ an online environment that
transcends and integrates University‐provided tools with those of the cloud, social networking, online collaboration, and the vast resources available through Google and others ‐ is key to a distinctive and valued Melbourne Experience (7/Strategies). COBIT 5 can transform the needs of the students to specific, practicable IT-related objectives. Students can be seen as ...view middle of the document...

In order to increase its competencies, the University of Melbourne need to improve the IT environment which makes others concentrate on its research more than technical or administrative barriers. Here, competencies is the driving factor of the IT development.
④ Aligning IT and business The University has aligned services with degree offerings through student centers, developed new purpose‐designed study spaces, provided wireless connectivity and scheduled common shared time to enable students and staff to engage in activities without clashes. A continuing shift toward graduate programs will require modification to admissions policy, timetabling, capital infrastructure and online access to course materials.
The planned IT infrastructure projects which support these ambitions include :
 Upgrading of the Learning Management System of the University;
 An upgrade of the Student Portal;
 A customer relationship management system;
 A student advising system;
 A scholarly search system;
 Expanding the coverage of the University wireless network (20/Supporting growing esteem). The University makes a ambitious plan and uses a lot of IT-based strategies to support the plan. All IT functions are aligning with the IT services (the business) plan (Haes, Grembergen & Debreceny 2013, p.309), relating to the reputation, the academic level, the students and staffs experiences of the University. Therefore, the University has a high degree of alignment with organizational business and strategic goals.
⑤ Covering the enterprise end-to-end Throughout the day, Sally used many kinds of online resource and applications. That was all seamless ‐ her computer and other devices switch automatically between available services, such as checking the Calendar on her iPhone, making a final review of the GoogleDocs presentation using her iPad, checking her email, logging into the student portal to download the tuition invoice, logging into her bank to make the payment. sharing Dropbox space where they've prepared some other resources, using Quickpoll to put contentious...

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