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The Andy Griffith Show, was a television sitcom that aired in the 1960s. Watching it from the perspective of someone in today’s society, a number of norms stood out to me. The norms of that time have changed dramatically as well as the ways they were enforced.

On the first episode that aired, viewers are introduced to widower Andy Taylor, the sheriff of a small country town, and his son Opie. The roles of men and women are much stricter than those of today. Opie has a live in nanny named Rose that gets married so she can no longer be his nanny. Men aren’t seen as capable of looking after children alone since they don’t do any cooking, cleaning or other household chores. Aunt Bee ...view middle of the document...

As a result, it was perfectly normal for children like Opie to wander the town alone. He’s given free ice cream by local store clerks and is never questioned for being out and about. As a result, he and his friends get into mischief frequently. One day they move the sheriff’s patrol vehicle and park it in front of a fire hydrant. Although this is technically a crime, it’s not treated as a deviant act. Opie comes clean about his actions and it’s shrugged off as harmless. He gets a short lecture about honesty and everyone goes about their day.

One of the most deviant acts on the show involved Miss Ellie and Andy. Andy beats around the bush while asking her to a local church dance, and she accepts his invitation before he can even get the words out. Because of her quick acceptance, Andy perceives is the reply as her asking him instead. For the time period, women that ask out men are seen as desperate man hunters and must be treated as such. Sociologists would consider this act as a violation of a more for the time. Because he is so frightened by...

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