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The History Of Hunting Essay

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Well hunting is one of the number one things that have been created before our time. It is be of the most important things in our history today. Some consider hunting a sport; some do it just for fun. But all those are meaningless. People needed to hunt so they can survive and provide food for the families, villages, towns, etc. In order to survive back in their time, an important trait was hunting. If you had not skilled that or your family hasn’t skilled it, you are going to end up starving. All of the food was out there in the wild life. You need the meat for protein and that’s what everybody basically ate. But in order to hunt you needed certain weapons to kill, and some kind of traps to lure the animals to you. For example, there is a mouse in your house. They didn’t know how to get the mouse out of your house. So they got the mouse trap. Mouse traps usually have a piece of cheese on the trap because mice are in love with cheese. So they did a step. They lured the mouse to them. But once the mouse tries to eat the cheese, the spring lets loose and captures the mouse by its tail. Then they end up killing it, so that is one way of hunting. Another reason why they hunt was because they wanted to stop diseases from spreading.
Back in 1 BC and before, hunting was just getting started. It was said to believe that Homo sapiens were the first ones to get into hunting. Homo sapiens mean wise men. They had started the basic hunting around 200,000 years ago. They were omnivores, but they would hunt the animals and use them for subsistence. Subsistence means maintaining or supporting one self. So they were trying to maintain the animals. Come to fact, they were the first ones to hunt a large group of prey animals.
Then year’s past and came into AD. 0-1000 AD, they introduced a new way of hunting. It was called Falconry. Falconry was started in Mesopotamia. What Falconry was is they would send a trained falcon bird to go and capture things that the humans needed for food or for whatever reason they had sent it for.
Western Europe during the Middle Ages, humans had hunted wild life for food they needed. During the High Middle Ages, they had reformed/transformed hunting and had turned it into aristocracy. It was for all social classes too! Then by the 16th century, people had started reserving areas of land to go hunting of game. The hunting of game had three types. Number 1 was the forest. The forest of course was a large area with a whole lot of wild life. Also the forest area had a lot of closings so it was difficult for wild life to escape because there were only so many ways to get out from. Number two were chases. Chases were just a good old fashion chase. But the nobles of course had belonged in those chases. Then last but not least; number three was parks. Parks were just like forest, they were enclosed. Enclosed is saying that there was only a certain way wildlife could escape and it was very difficult to find so it would make hunting in those...

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