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There is a great amount of history regarding soccer, like its birthplace, rules, how it is played, and how it became so popular over time. Soccer is played worldwide and it is a very popular sport besides in the United States of America, which is predominated by football. The only difference I can possibly think between soccer and football is that soccer is played using your feet unlike football in which it is ok to use your hands. Soccer it’s played every year like football, both sports share an identical objective, which is to score against the other team during a fixed period of time. If ever were to be bored and wanted to watch a soccer match I could easily get online and browse throughout all of the types of soccer leagues and start watching one. There are plenty of leagues in soccer; it all depends on the region. For instance if I were to watch the Major League soccer (MLS) I would be watching people play on football fields with names that I have never heard of, besides a couple of Europeans players. All of this is due to the fact that the MLS is held in the United States of America and soccer is not the forte of American sports and it does not get much attention. However, if I were to watch an Italian league, Mexican, Spanish or any European league I could easily identify almost all of the players.
Historical Perspective of soccer
The origin of soccer is so vast that there is not really a specific date onto when and where it really originated. Many believe that it started in Rome or Greece, there are others that believe that the birthplace of soccer was in japan or Korea, and “Some people think that soccer began more than a thousand years ago, when pirates attacked an English village. The villagers killed the pirates, cut off one of their heads, and kicked it around” (Helmer 5). While there are all of these speculations the birthplace of soccer seems to remain unknown to many of us. What we do know is that some civilizations were involved in many activities similar to soccer. They played with leather balls filled with feathers and hair, kicked them and passed them around from one point to another. There were not rules set nor there was a point on the activity other than to pass the ball around players for entertainment. Anyone who wanted to play was welcomed to play since there were not skills required to play it at the time.
“Before soccer started in England, early soccer-like games were played in China and Rome around 200 B.C” (4). Soccer was so widely spread throughout the world that even Romans and ancient Greeks were involved in activities similar to soccer, but most people found the activity of controlling the ball with their feet difficult, because it required talent and skill so ancient Greeks and Romans created their own version of soccer in order to prepare for battles and improve their battle skills. The Greeks played episkyros (game) and the Romans played Harpastum (Ball). The game consisted of 6 players on each side and the...

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