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The History Of Texas. Essay

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Texas history itself had its own amazing story. The small number of American settlers moved to the land of Texas had led to the dramatic war with the Mexicans. The land of Texas was used to be owned by Mexicans. Due to the argument between Texans and Mexicans caused the battle of San Jacinto and Mexican War. In long ago before American settlers moved to Texas, this place was so rich and an abundance of land. Spanish settlers have lived there for many years. When American settlers have expanded in the United States of America, they mostly moved to the West for new life. Their curiosity did not stop themselves from moving to the West. Like other American settlers had moved to the West, they decided to settle Texas. The life in Texas during the early 1800s was such an unpredictable until the battle of San Jacinto and Mexican War had existed. Within several years after the battles, Texas was named as independent country known as Republic of Texas in the year of 1836. Later, Texas had joined the statehood of United States of America in 1845. There have some important background history about Texas. The American settlers were the beginning of the progress of Texas's independence. The Republic of Texas was the historical climax to the statehood of Texas. The Mexican War had been involved in the beginning of Texas's annexation in 1850s.American settlers decided to move to Texas because this place was big and rich with resources and possibilities. It was also largely part of Mexico. Moses Austin went on the long trip to San Antonio to get permission from Mexican government to bring a group of American settlers into Texas. When Moses Austin died, his son Stephen Austin promised his father to carry his plans for American settlement to Texas. He brought about three hundred families to settle Texas. The location was on the Colorado and Brazos Rivers. First, the settlers had to agree to the following rules from Mexican government. To be qualified for Texas resident, they must become Roman Catholics and Mexican citizens. They also must obey all Mexican laws. At first, Mexicans welcomed them to stay. The number of Texans had expanded quickly and outnumbered the Mexican population. By 1830s, 20,000 settlers lived in Texas. However, somehow, Texans and Mexicans could not get along due to many reasons. The Mexican government wanted to do the crazy things. They stopped further immigration into Texas from the U.S. They decided to free Negro slaves as Americans had brought many African American slaves. Slavery was illegal in Mexico, but the settlers brought slaves. Then Americans did not like this, so they did do something to Mexican government. They had a Texas revolution against Mexicans. The dictator of Mexico, General Santa Anna, set the control of military to prevent the Texans' revolution. About 100 Texans defended...

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