The History Of The Poster This Essay Discusses The History Of The Poster And Where It Originated From. It Talks About Two Posters In Particular Which Have Double Meanings

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The History of the PosterFor this essay I have researched the history of the poster and chosen two posters in particular which interest me, which I have compared.If you look the term "poster" up in the dictionary you will find the meaning "large picture displayed in a public place". The word "poster" was originally used in 1838 in England. Back then it referred to a "printed sheet of paper that combined test and illustration". They were used for the purpose of advertisement or in announcement. At first they were simple designs but over time artists became more ambitious as they strove to become recognised.Nowadays posters are used for decorative purposes. A lot of the time there is no text only the pictorial element. Although posters are now mostly used for advertisement, occasionally there is genuine poster art created solely for pleasure to look at. Most posters use photographs now rather than the traditional method.Around 1845 the mass production of posters came into play which was done by a power press and could print up to 10,000 sheets of paper an hour by the use of colour lithography. This was a process in which a greasy crayon was used to draw on a piece of limestone, then the lines would attract and hold an oily or greasy ink when the stone was wet. This could then be reproduced on a suitable piece of paper when rolled onto the stone.A man called Jules Cheret was one artist to take advantage of this process. He was working in England when he first saw the American circus design posters, which were lively, and bright posters that were crudely designed and garishly coloured. Jules Cheret was persistent on bringing his fellow designers into thinking alike, the same as him. By the mid 1870s he had convinced the critics and the public that a new art form had been born.However, when the outbreak of world war one came about, poster designs were set on completely different task because David Lloyd George, who was the Prime Minister at this time needed the support of the people in order to go to war. The triple alliance (Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary) and the triple entente (Britain, France and Russia) produced powerful posters which communicated strong views in order to boost morale in the way of propaganda. Perhaps the most famous of all these poster was Alfred Leetes' portrayal of General Kitchener named "Your country needs you". This poster was used to encourage people to sign up for Kitchener's forces. This poster inspired the American replication of it, produced by James Montgomery-Flagg. His drawing of the stereotype American "Uncle Sam" was called "I want you" which was also a gripping image of the man pointing and when you look from a different angle, it look almost as if it is following you.Between 1918 and 1939 the designers would suit the need of the art movements of the time, ie Cubism, Expressionism and also Surrealism. Paul Collins and E McKnight Kaufer perhaps made the most memorable contribution of that time. Once again,...

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