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The Anti Abortion Drug Ru486 Should Be Legalized In Australia

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I would like to share my opinions about the law of the anti-abortion drug - RU486. Although this drug is not illegal in Australia as such, it is forbidden. I would like this law to change; to make the drug freely available to pregnant woman. Women have the right to choose what they do to their body and what they put in it. More than a million women worldwide have used this medication safely. But many people think that killing something living is wrong, but early term abortions using RU486 are not inherently wrong. The foetuses killed have never been conscious, had desires for the future or an interest in ongoing life. Also, by making this drug available at hospitals or chemists is a much cheaper alternative than requiring a doctor to perform the abortion.Women, or anyone for that matter, have the right to choose what they do to their body. They should be able to decide for themselves, without the approval from doctors, whether or not they want to devote their body to carrying a baby and give birth. RU486 isn't a drug like marijuana or ecstasy, it actually helps the lives of people.Although there have been several cases of bad reactions, such as excessive bleeding, cardiovascular complications and in a few rare cases, death, it is a relatively safe drug. "More than a million women worldwide have used medication abortion safely and 96% of them had a complete abortion", said the Planned Parenthood's vice president for medical affairs. "Since it was approved by the FDA in September. 2001, women and doctors nationwide report high levels of success and satisfaction with this early abortion option". The women that have had negative results didn't follow the guidelines properly. Women need to...

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