The Anti Fat Jab That Lets You Lose A Stone In Just 20 Weeks

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The article 'The anti-fat jab' explores a new approach to losing weight. Its audience in other words its target market would always be overweight individuals as well as scientist who are involved in such field. The article is automatically deemed to be biased and 1 sided as soon as the title of the article is seen,this shows that the Anti-fat jab would automatically be a success as far as portraying the new method goes.
The article is opened with the statement 'an anit-fat jab is almost twice as effective as current fat loss pill' which automatically backs up the statement that the article is deemed biased from the start. Also ione may question what research has been done to support such as great startement. However at the end of the phrase the author pulls it back by adding 'says researcher' indicating that research has been done to support the statement.In regards to such one may wonder why names of researchers havent been stated, simply because if reseacrhers names had been stated it may have been more convincing.
One may argue that the opening of the article lacks proof of what is actually trying to be put through 'Some patients lost more than a stone in five months while being treated with liraglutide' a phrase of such calibre needs figures or graphs.
Therefore when the author introduces '564 patients were given either doses of liragltide ranin from 1.2mg to 3.0mg a day' it ives the audience a sense of instant belief in the article as previously there was no such thing.
The writer goes further in trying to win the audience over by including licensing of the medicine in Britain which automatically would make one believe in such an article. However one may wish to question the circumstance of the 564 patients in regards to health, Liraglutide may work more effective in a certain type of obese individuals as the article states not.
The article is written a precise way which makes it seem one sided, the writer uses specific language to portray such 'Some patients lost more than a stone in five months' such phrase significantly signifies that the author believes in the anti-fat jab.In addition, from a different perspective it could be argued that liraglutide actually works from the figures stated above.
Ideally the article puts the benefits of Liraglutide under the limelight through out the article as the author continuously expresses the weight-loss of the voluteers ' three out four lost more than 5 per cent of their weight'.
On first line of the article the author states 'An anti-fat jab is almost twice as effective as current fat loss pills sayys researchers', however further down within the article the author states ' The weight loss ranged from 10lb (4.8kg) on the lowest dose to 16lb (7.2kg) on the highest dose, compared with 9lb(4.1kg) with orlistat. After careful considerations its clear to see that the author is exagerrating the figures as the anti-fat jab is not twice as effective as current fat loss pills after carrying out the...

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