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Heroines in traditional romantic comedies generally show their female charm dominated by the heroes, and docile. However, in Romantic Comedy vs. Screwball Comedy Gehring depicts the screwball comedy as “dripping with eccentrics starting with the archetype zany heroines.” Also, Gerhing says, “heroines assisted by the fact that only she knows a courtship is occurring. ” In other words, he means that heroines in screwball comedies always show their unique nuttiness and try to pursue what they desire as long as they realized that was something they want, which is quite different from the customary docile female in other romantic comedies. These traits are detailed in The Awful Truth and My ...view middle of the document...

From my perspective, that also becomes one of the reasons why the screwball comedy prevailed in 30s, doing something and even getting the best results that heroines had ever expected. During the Depression, when most female spectators could do almost nothing to enhance their lives in real life, they saw that such affirmative heroines had the abilities to pursue better lives and got the desired life eventually. It was a type of achievement and fulfillment, which could send a sense of pleasure to the audience and motivated them to pursue their dreamed life in reality. To some extent, heroines in screwball comedies used the encouragement to save their marriage on the screen, and also gave encouragement to the audience to confront their life in reality.

All the active reaction heroines took in movies were fully understandable; however, their behaviors were seemingly intricate. Indeed, in the process of getting heroines’ husbands back, they always did a great deal of zany things. Coincidently, in both The Awful Truth and My Favorite Wife, Lucy and Ellen both figured as their husbands’ sisters came before their husbands’ new fiancées. For separating Jerry and Barbara, Lucy confused “Princeton University” into “Princeton town” that “his father lived there for over twenty years.” Also, Lucy performed as a vulgar showgirl in a Virginia club with poor jokes, rude behavior and coarse habits to irrigate Barbara’s entire family and to undermine the relationship between Jerry and Barbara. At the same time, to make Ellen’s existence at home more acceptable by Bianca, Ellen became a daffy “sister” of Arden from southern country in strong hometown accent. At the “first time” Ellen saw Arden, she punched Arden’s face and acted as a frivolous...

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