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The Anti Vietnam War Movement Essay

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The Anti-Vietnam War Movement in United States was a collection of unrelated groups all opposed to US involvement in the Vietnam War. It began in 1964 with nonviolent demonstrations and protests by college students, but later gained support from hippies, mothers, women’s rights, Black civil rights, the Chicano movement, and even military veterans. There were three main reasons Americans opposed the Vietnam War: the draft, use of caustic herbicides, and the war expenses. By 1975, the war and the federal lost almost all support from its people.

The Vietnam War began as a skirmish between North Vietnam—supported by China and the Soviet Union—and South Vietnam—supported by the United ...view middle of the document...

He began a lottery-style draft in which random birthdays were drawn from a tumbler, and all men—despite their status—whose birthdays had been drawn were to report to a recruiting office. It was common for Americans to flee to Canada, a country that provided sanctuary against those escaping the draft. Women’s rights groups and mother’s groups joined the movement, protesting sending their husbands and sons into war.

For moral and legal reasons, many Americans did not support the use of the Rainbow Agents, a series of toxic herbicides named after colors. The most commonly used was Agent Orange, a mixture of equal parts trioxone and hedonal. The gaseous spray could travel miles from the plane emitting it, and defoliate the exposed jungles below. However, it was used in concentrations far greater than what the US Environmental Protection Agency proved safe. Several studies showed that Agent Orange was a definite carcinogen and not biodegradable. The defoliant poisoned water, food, and the air for miles around. Later, testing showed that the Agent Orange used in Vietnam contained dioxin, one of the most toxic synthesized chemicals. The media made a point of showing the effects of Agent Orange. They depicted the Vietnamese with cancerous tumors, children with severe birth defects,...

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