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The Anxiety And Pain Reducing Effects Of Music Interventions

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People mostly define entertainment as fun. However, entertainment is more than fun as people’s choice to have pleasure in their leisure time is entertainment. People look for doing two activities together. They wish to have pleasure and meanwhile seek for beneficial activities to contribute their quality of lives. Music is a tool to help people for expressing their feelings. In addition to that, music can help listeners. People listen to music since they are experiencing some emotional situations but benefits of listening to music are not just about emotions. Listening to classical music affects physics by reducing pain and blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular illnesses and psychology by reducing anxiety and providing to escape from the real world, help disabled children to train about what they cannot do, increasing concentration while people are learning and finally society by creating peaceful, intellectual and interactive environment. All these benefits of listening to music are important since it contributes the quality of life while giving pleasure to listeners.
Listening to classical music affects physical health in a positive way. In the article called “The Anxiety- and Pain-Reducing Effects of Music Interventions: A Systematic Review” by Nilsson, it is explained that listening to music every day is good for a person's health (780). Listening to music helps people to reduce their pain and blood pressure. According to the article called “Effect of Turkish Classical Music on Blood Pressure: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Hypertensive Elderly Patients” by Tansel Bekiroğlu et al. it is concluded that listening to classical music is beneficial to reduce blood pressure (147). The findings of the experiment show that listening to Turkish classic music meanwhile resting lowers the systolic blood pressure in the hypertensive elderly patients (Bekiroğlu et al. 151). People feel more relaxed while they are listening to classical music, so their physical status changes that occurs reduction in heart rates and pulse. The relaxation that is supplied by listening to classical music makes their blood pressure to lower while listening to classical music.
In addition to reducing blood pressure it also reduces the pain after surgery. In an article named “Listening to Turkish classical music decreases patients' anxiety, pain, dissatisfaction and the dose of sedative and analgesic drugs during colonoscopy: a prospective randomized controlled trial” Ovayolu et al. claim that listening to Turkish classical music help their patients to deal with pain during surgery (7532). People feel more relaxed during surgery. On account of relaxation, the situation decreases its effects hence they do not feel fear. As a consequence of feeling more confident about surgery, the effect of the pain is reduced. That is why patients’ pain is decreased. Similarly, listening to classical music helps to prevent cardiovascular problems (Pei-Luen at al. 329). The reason it...

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