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The Apocalypse Essay

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Dave ran through the alley way carrying a fairly large duffle bag as the sound of moaning and small shuffling followed. His dirty face showed a expression of stress and relief. His black t-shirt was tattered as well as his dark blue jeans. He climbed a dumpster, and carefully scaled down on the other side of the fence that blocked the end of the alley. He pulled out some keys as the sound of shuffling reached the fence. The fence started to shake violent manner. Dave looked back to see a disfigured face, blood running down its face, small glass shards in its face, and its jaw seemed to gnawing the fence. The things dark eyes gave Dave a cold look, but he just turned away and opened the door ...view middle of the document...

Now he roamed this city in peril, as his own punishment to his selfish choice.

The car began to slow it self down, seeing as he kept on diving until the 14 gallon tank was empty. Looking around the small town he saw a tan house with a black and red jeep outside. The jeep had pieces of metal wielded to it. Knowing someone has to be inside the home, he parked the slow car across the street. He quickly grabbed the duffel bag and unzipped it, revealing a sleek grey 12 gauge pistol grip shotgun, a black and silver 9mm Berretta, and a couple of clips. He took the shotgun and loaded 5 shells into it, and grabbed the rest and slid them into his pocket. The handgun was already loaded, 15 rounds in the clip. He had two extra fully loaded clips and put them into his back pocket. He saw two gloves at the bottom of bag. Putting the gloves on, began to leave the car, putting the safety on the handgun before putting it in his back pocket. The shotgun was in Dave’s hand as he left the car and duffle bag behind.

Dave slowly made his way towards the jeep, keeping his foot steps quite. He held the shotgun in a ready position, quietly looking into the jeep. Seeing how it was empty of items, he heard a loud scream within the tan house. He ran into the fairly large backyard, trying his best to not be heard. He looked through the sliding glass door, finding it odd that no-one was guarding it. He slid the door open slowly, closing it behind him and making his way into the kitchen. It seemed to be that no one was here until he heard the laughing of a man and a loud gun shot. Dave hide at the entrance of the stairs, as close as he could be to the gun shot. He was unable to clearly hear what was said, but he was able to hear footsteps coming his way. He quietly raced up the stairs, avoiding to be seen. Hearing the footsteps follow him, he went into the bedroom at the end of the hall. He ran into a large closet, thinking it was safe. Behind him he heard the whimpering of a female. Aiming his weapon, he turned to see a teenager tied up in ropes. Her face was terrified as muffled scream came from her.

Somewhere below they must of heard the scream and shout back and hit the floor with something. The female stopped her worthless...

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