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The Apology In The Cheeseburger Essay

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In the weeks he was attending the precinct, he took pride in the knowledge that he was never actually late (first day notwithstanding). However, now that he was more than 2 hours late, he idly wondered if it was pointless to even show up at all. Walking the few blocks from the coffee shop to the precinct (he thought he could bribe the detective with coffee), he marveled at the fact that he could actually go a precinct. Regardless of the reasons that brought him there, he liked it, and he really wanted more than the weeks he had to serve doing paperwork (however, if he could do it sans the paperwork, that would be even better).

Feeling like a million dollars when Mike didn't ask him to grab ...view middle of the document...

"You closed the case? How? I mean, what happened?" He tried to fish for information.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She didn't fall for that.

"Yes. But I'm too tired to fish for information. Between the last touches of the book launch and Alexis I'm drained" He said, heaving a sigh.

"How's Alexis?" The detective asked and he couldn't help but smile.

"She's fine. I was actually talking to my mother, and she told me that Alexis talked about you"

"She did?" The detective asked surprised. When she remember the not so comfortable conversations with her, she tried to ignore the warmth she felt in her cheeks. "What did she.. uhm say exactly?"

"I don't know, apparently she was given the idea that we were dating or something. Weird, huh." He said.

"As if" She scoffed, never looking away from the the papers in front of her.

"Hey! I would be a delight to date!"

"I'm not even going to follow that line of conversation"

"Anyway, where are Espo and Ryan?" He asked changing the subject.

"They're probably procrastinating somewhere"

They fell into a comfortable silence while they worked. Rick tried to advance as many files as he could, maybe he could have some spare time to talk with the boys or with detective Beckett about the case they had just closed. After the finishing the third file, the boys arrived to the bullpen with someone else beside them. He looked up and noted that it was the same reporter that had interviewed him early in the morning.

"Hey Castle. Apparently you forgot something home" Ryan said.

"Or should we say someone" Espo added with a conspiratorial wink. Beckett looked up as well, noting the girl with the two detectives. She looked at Castle and he was looking at her with a touch of distress, in return she just lifted an eyebrow.

"She was actually interviewing me in the morning" He tried.

"You don't have to explain yourself" Beckett smirked.

"Hi Rick" The blonde woman said, while Beckett tried not to role her eyes at the woman.

"Hello Miss Stevens. Is there something I can do for you?" Castle said charmingly.

"Yes, I think I still have a couple of questions for you and I just had to see this precinct you kept talking about."

"Ask away" Rick said, knowing that the sooner she asked the sooner she would leave.

"I would prefer to do it in privacy" She said glancing solely at Beckett. This time the detective was unable to hold her eyes, for they rolled without her permission.

"Of course" He said walking with her towards the break room. Turning to see Beckett, he opened his palm, mouthing '5 minutes', ignoring the piercing look the detective was throwing his way. If looks could kill...

"Wow, where do this magazines even find these girls" Espo commented,

"She can interview me all she want" Ryan said,

"When you guys finnish drooling, there's tons of files in your desk that need to be done today" she said sternly, which snapped the other detectives into action.

How much crap can someone ask?, the detective thought after...

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