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The iPhone’s App Store has revolutionized the cell phone industry. The app store was launched in the summer of 2008. Since then it has more than 140,000 apps and those apps have been downloaded over 3,000,000,000 times. The app store’s influence is huge and it only continues to get bigger and bigger. The app store provides an outlet for developers to market additional games and utilities to consumers. Applications, or apps for short, add different features to a phone that allow it to be utilized in a multitude of different ways. Some apps are completely useless, while others actually have a purpose. Some apps are free while others cost money. The concept of a market that adds applications to a phone is something that has only just recently caught on, but as the industry grows, everyone wants in on the action. The app store has made people realize when they buy cell phones they want more than just a phone. They want a device full of features and they want those features to come at a cheap price or for free. The app store is encouraging the American trend of always wanting to have the latest and greatest products. The app store also shows the short attention span of Americans.
Before the app store existed, what did people do? How did people get games? Before the app store there was never such an easy and ubiquitous way to get applications on to cell phones. Cell phones did have carrier branded stores that offered games but they were expensive to use and didn’t offer innovation to the average person. The tendencies emphasized by today’s app store can be traced back to the end of World War I in the 1920’s. World War I provided the American economy with a much needed boost. However, after the war, something else was needed to sustain the growth from the war. This came in the form of the advertising industry. Advertising companies were able to create need for products and services and manipulate the public opinion. This in turn led to the rise of consumerism. Assembly lines and factories made work for many Americans very standardized. Americans began to focus more on free time and leisure activities to set themselves apart. People went to the movies, listened to the radio, and watched TV. People drove around in cars thanks to the introduction of the Model T by Ford which was mass produced cheaply. No longer were cars reserved for rich people. Americans were also able to buy new electronic appliances which improved different aspects of their life. Before the 1920’s Americans didn’t have extra money to spend on luxury items, but that changed in the 1920’s. Mass produced products made things affordable for Americans. Advertising created a need for the products, and people, since they had extra money bought those products. Even though people didn’t need these things they continued to buy them. However, an important aspect of the economy is supply and demand. The supply had increased so much in the American economy that the demand was not nearly enough to...

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