The Appeal Of Television Chat Shows

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The Appeal of Television Chat Shows

Chat shows are a very popular and successful modern day television
program. Why? It is probably because as humans we are naturally
nosey and curious about the lifestyles of others, especially those of
the rich and famous. It is this common characteristic that makes the
neighbors peep through the curtains to see what the Jones' are up to
next, the reason that village gossip spreads so quickly and the cause
of the growing number of reality television programs. Whether we
admit or not, many have a fascination with those in the public eye. We
want to know about their secret to success, the skeletons in their
closet and if they really are human like the rest of us. When this
curiosity is applied to heroes, idols and people that others look up
to and want to be like, that is when the appeal of chat shows is
brought to life. Chat shows are the ultimate way of finding out the
truth about celebrities not from badly taken paparazzi photos or
twisted quotes in magazines but from the celebrity themself.

Chat shows are not just popular with the public but also with the
celebrities. It is a great way of advertising themselves if they have
a new film or book out for instance. Another example is if they have
had a lot of bad press recently, maybe over a crime they have
committed. The celebrity may appear on a popular chat show to win back
the sympathy and popularity of the public.

Chat shows are sometimes confused with talk shows but are very
different in the style they are run. Chat shows are interviews with
celebrities and are considered more promotional television whereas
talk shows are basically public counseling or discussions on topics
and involve audience participation.

All chat shows share general similarities as the show is based around
the interviews however as there is now great competition each show
must have its own unique individuality. Some are run in the more
conventional way of just the basic interview for example Parkinson,
but others are shown in a more entertaining approach, for example The
Kumars at No. 42 and this is due to their target audience. The target
audience is who the programme is aimed at and huge factor when
considering the target audience is a scheduling time. For example
Graham Norton is on weekdays at 10 o'clock and this is a great
scheduling time for his audience. It is a good time after the 9
o'clock watershed as Graham Norton attracts a young adult audience due
to his adult humour and the guests he has on his show whereas
Parkinson is on Saturday evening at around 10.30. This programme is
probably aimed more towards older adults, as his style of interviewing
is very traditional. Older adults are more likely to be in at this
time and will want to watch something before they go to bed whereas a
younger audience...

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