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The Appealing Personality Of The "Blazer" The Classy, Successful, Work Oriented Group Of Women In Society

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The Blazer is a woman who does not rely on her body to get by, or to obtain her goals in life. She knows that she can rely on more than just the way her body looks to be able to achieve success. She is self-motivated and self-directed, is work oriented, and is a woman who is both fancy and classy, making her attire appropriate both for work and a night out. She is the kind of person to be at the top of her class, because she knows what she wants out of life and is willing to work hard to acquire it. She knows that even when she is faced with obstacles, she will be able to adapt to the situation and overcome them. Her main goal in life is to be a successful woman in the work place, but she is able to balance this with her social and personal life. Although she is very focused on establishing and maintaining a career, she knows how to carry herself in a way that is appealing to potential employers as well as to acquaintances. The Blazer is always determined, devoted, and enthusiastic about new jobs and challenges. Since she is focused on her goals, these challenges appeal to her, and she persists even when they prove to be difficult. Even though she relies on her inner abilities to succeed, she knows that it is necessary to portray herself in a professional way in order to succeed. This is why she is called the blazer. With her practical clothes and her fashionable style, she presents these traits to those around her. She represents the working class female in a way that is a positive influence for younger women who also strive for a life in which they can stand on their own two feet. The Blazer knows that for school and work it is important to be able to show others that they are serious about where they are headed in life, because in turn they will have respect for them, and maybe even look up to them. The Blazer has all of the qualities that any woman should look up to; making her the “it-girl” we’ve all been waiting for who brings the sophistication back into popularity.

This personality of the Blazer is appealing mostly to women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five, although women slightly older may be drawn towards these characteristics as well. This age range is most likely to be attracted to the Blazer because they are at an age where they are applying for or attending college, and are looking to start a serious career. This makes it very important for them to portray themselves professionally so that professors and employers see them as candidates for more important or reputable jobs. However it is still important for these women, as students, to still be dressed casually enough for attending class and for their lives outside of the workplace. This professional look is still fashionable enough for these young women to be able to go out with friends and still look classy and elegant. Women within this age range are the target audience for the Blazer because they are the women most likely to be starting to settle...

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