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The Appease For More Lands And The Effects

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The battle of Hastings of 1066 intertwined English history with that of Normandy and consequently with France. Once William of Normandy conquered England, the nature of medieval English state transformed drastically. In 1086, all land in England became a fief held by the “crown in return for service.” Norman presence under King William “diminished local particularism” by scattering and distributing land. Furthermore, as Hollister and Stacey indicate, Norman Conquest brought with it, its own form of feudalism distinct from its French counterpart— “more orderly and thoroughgoing”.” As a result, a tightening of the military occurred; fortresses could no longer be built without royal authority to prevent insurrections. In addition, other Norman elements such as the French language and culture manifested among the English elites, but in no way made their identity. William’s conquest did not eliminate Anglo-Saxon culture that predated him; instead, he adopted the Anglo-Saxon disposition and Carolingian forms of rulership, which continued under other Norman rulers of England. By the Norman Conquest, England had already become one of the most integrated and consolidated states in Europe with a highly structured system of royal administration, well-established laws, and a centralized economic system (with effective forms of taxation). At best, the Norman Conquest improved already existing political, economic and social structures. The battle of Hastings led to the switch in English monarchy and linked English fate to France for centuries to come both militarily and economically but it was not the making of England.
Norman rulers from 1066 onward focused more on territorial expansion than developing the English identity as a showcase of power and wealth, which led to numerous wars with France over time. William the conqueror used vassals and barons to obtain both military and economic allegiances, which was a system that predated Norman Conquest. In 1086, William’s administration accomplished an inventory of all English lands and property through an ordered a survey taken to learn more about the kingdom, which led to the formation of Domesday Book. William collected information on who lived in each region of England, and the property they owned, so as to calculate the amount taxes owed to the King. The English nobility after the Norman Conquest became Anglo-French aristocracy, thus becoming “accustomed to knightly cavalry warfare” . Most of the English elites were not only landowners in England as a result but had possessions in France. Norman Conquest changed hierarchical control of land that had existed prior to the conquest, England now had new control over parts of France. Land ownership in France for the nobility was a means to serve their king and gain new wealth. Therefore, for the period after 1066 the English aristocracies focus hinged on the French affairs as they had their economic investment there.
English kings after 1066 were not...

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